7 Ways on How to Attract More Customers for Your Taxi Business

Your business idea of building a Taxi Booking System is excellent, you have a great mobile app developer team, your automated taxi management system has a great scope for expansion, you have channelized your revenue model and yet your business is not foolproof.


Glad you asked!

Uber is an example of how disruptive a taxi business can be. However, along with attracting success, it has also attracted competitors. Today the landscape of on-demand business service has developed a lot. There have been innovations in the features and the way customers experience the ride.

While Uber is a global player, the competition does not end here. There are many local-level taxi service players as well.

Now you can imagine the fierce nature of the competition and the need to attract the customers for your taxi booking service.

More and more businessmen are trying to fit into this narrow space of automated taxi management system. With this throat-cut competition in picture, every taxi booking business is trying to acquire as many customers as possible.

Now, coming back to the question, how to make your on-demand taxi booking service a hit and attract more customers?

Here are the 7 best ways to market customers for your Taxi business:

Run Campaigns Across Various Social Media Channels

When you launch your cab booking service, you need traction in terms of audience. How else would your audience know what you have got in stores for them?

Campaigns are the best way to reach out to your customers and put forward the unique business offerings for your customers to review your service.

You can create campaign pages across various Social Media Channels and engage your customers. You can make use of both organic and promoted reach to attract your customers for your taxi business.

Leverage the Deal Sites and Apps to Increase the Visibility of your Business

Another important practice to promote your cab booking service is to collaborate with deal sites and list your business there.

Such websites and mobile applications can help your business get visibility with the help of coupons and offers. They have a huge customer base and this base can help strengthen the base of your business.

Create PR & Use Media to Engage the Local Audience

Alternatively, boost up your business by launching events and creating press release. Make sure not to sound very marketing in your press release but you should have a blend of both marketing and a cause for business.

You can make your company recognisable by reaching an even wider pool of audience and can ultimately convert them to your customers.

The basis of PR is in leveraging the local media to the maximum. Share your story through local publications so as to attract your local audience. Media’s hunt for news is a never-ending one. So, it can make a great cost-effective source for your business’ visibility.

Targeted Advertising for your Taxi Booking System

Advertising can prove itself as the most effective way to promote your on-demand cab booking business. No longer people rely on hoardings for advertisements. To be very frank, that is wasted time and effort.

An online promotion can help you customize your audience and drive them strongly. Create Google ads and other Social Media ads to have a broader reach. Be on the channels where your audience is active and hangs out. Stay active on time and days when your audience engages the most.

Create relatable content in the form of videos, GIFs, Images and broaden your reach.

Fleet Branding to Give your Business the Visibility it Deserves

Here the branding is all about your service. Because your taxi services will be on the road and vehicles will be on the road all the time, they will be visible to people all the time.

Have the logo of your brand posted on your cabs along with the name of your business.

Have a catchy name for your automated taxi system so that your customers can easily relate to it and recall it. This was your brand will become recognisable and more customers will be attracted to try out your service.

Leverage Discounts, Promo Codes and Referral Campaign

Ultimately, what matters is how many installs you get. For the installs, you need to get your customers to try out your service at least for once. Referral programs can make an excellent trick for increasing the app installs.

Discounts and promo codes can be powerful marketing strategies because it creates a word of mouth marketing and people easily believe their peers.

Moreover, people have a keen eye on offers and this is your chance to attract your customers.

Multiple Payment Options – The Customer-friendly Features

Maybe you want to build your taxi service with the most basic features. However, the features in favour of your customers should be given utmost importance right from the start, for e.g. Payment options.

Give the freedom to your customers to make payments their way and they will be attracted. Incorporate all the customer-friendly payment options in your automated taxi management system and you will see the audience growth for yourself.


Yes, you now know how to attract your customers for your taxi management system.

Although you need to keep in mind the quality of your service. The most basic business strategy of these strategies is to make as much customer acquisition as possible.

Once the customers have landed on the platform, it solely depends on the quality of the service provided to the customers.

While these strategies can help you grow your customers, your service will decide whether you will retain them or lose them. So, ensure quality service. Another important aspect is to not only care about the riders. Your cab service is based on the ecosystem of both – the rider and the driver. Have features that your complete your drivers to stay loyal to your business.

Lastly, build a sustainable taxi booking system that is easier to use for the customers and expand it with the necessary features at times and you will see the growth for yourself!

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