6 Factors that Directly Affects Workplace Productivity

The design and atmosphere of the workplace play an important role in the productivity of the employees. It is important that you choose the layout options carefully. You should also make sure that you offer the most comfortable environment so that the employees are able to work to the best of their ability. The mental framework of the employees can have a direct impact on individual performance and as a result affecting the productivity of the whole organization.


Here are some of the factors that can have a negative effect on the productivity of the employees and as a result the whole organizations.

Noise Distractions:

The millennials are used to multitasking as they grow up in a high sensory environment but that does not mean that they can work to their full potential while in the midst of noise distractions. Being in a working environment is different from doing homework or being in class which is why it is important to provide a workplace where there are minimum distractions. It is essential to integrate a quiet, noise-free space in your office design. Having an interruption-free space will help the employees in focusing on work and producing better results.

Lack of Privacy:

It can also be a huge hindrance in the enhancing the productivity of work. Not all of the employees feel comfortable when they are under the scrutiny of their peers. If the office space is offering open-plan spaces then the employees are less likely to have discussions sharing ideas as there is a chance of getting overheard. Providing little private spaces to employees will help the employees do better work.

Not Enough Resources:

If you want to get the best performance out of your employees then it is essential that you are providing them sufficient time and resources. If they have the right tools they will be able to produce the desired results but if they are short in resources then it is not possible for them to offer the productivity level you desire.

Lack of Latest Technology:

Technology has become a huge part of companies and it is hard to imagine running a company without the help of technology. If you want the employees to be efficient and productive then you need to update the technology that they using. If you do not pay attention to the up gradation of technology then it will result in lowering the productivity of work.

Bad Leadership:

Performance management is also a factor in determining the productivity of the employees. If you there are badly-conducted appraisals and hardworking employees are not getting the praise they deserve and are underrated then it will have a negative impact on their performance. If you are underrating a good employee then it creates an inferiority complex in their mind and also results in a lack of motivation. The management should make sure that there is no employee discrimination because it can cause grievances among them and it can bring down the productivity level of the organization.

A leader should be able to have a motivational effect on people around them and give them confidence. It is their responsibility to make the place comfortable for everyone and devoid of tension and aggressive behavior.

Hostile Environment:

The atmosphere of the office plays an equally important part in improving productivity as the physical layout which why it is essential that you provide a comfortable environment to the employees. There should be zero tolerance policy for harassment and bullying. If there is an exchange of offensive remarks among people working in the same place then it can create a hostile environment which is not good for the productivity of a company.

These are some of the important factors that can have an impact on the productivity of a workplace. By taking care of the grievances the employees will be happy and they will be able to produce the best results.


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