5 Tips to Create a Private Office Space

modular office furnitureComfort is often the key to productivity so it’s important to prioritize this design aspect when deciding on your office layout.

Consider the function of everything in the room and this goes beyond just utility but includes aesthetic appeal too.

Here are some useful tips to consider when setting up your private office to make sure that it’s a productivity-inducing and inspiring space.

  • Try to Have a Good View

Always arrange office furniture around the view of the room as a whole so that you’re able to enjoy the outdoor view no matter the weather.

Place your desk next to the window so that the view is accessible at all times and invest in nice curtains to give the space a more comforting feel in foggy weather.

If your office doesn’t have windows, hang a natural landscape painting or picture within your sight from the desk.

Make sure that the furniture is arranged in a way that allows for natural light to come into the room. This will help to boost mood and reduce headaches and eyestrain.

  • Take Advantage of Wall Space

Use wall space to your advantage by using it as vertical storage for your books, papers, and mail. You can organize everything with a cutesy shelf, trays, and baskets.

Vertical storage will give your office a more spacious feel and it’ll be easier to move around in it as well, as you can see from this private office space from Office Evolution.

Instead of regular bookshelves, why not invest in metal or wooden cube storage? It’ll add a modern yet professional look to your space.

  • Buy a Desk That Comes with Storage

Put functionality first when choosing furniture, and make sure that your desk has ample space.

Your office workspace should also provide you with more than enough storage to keep your supplies safe and accessible. This means you’ll need lots of drawers to put things away and out of sight to facilitate productivity.

Consider an L-shaped design for your countertop in order to maximize the space, especially if you plan to use a lot of paperwork due to the nature of your work.

  • Get a Quality Chair

You’ll spend most of your time in the office sitting on a chair, so make sure that it’s ergonomically designed to support your back and posture, while comfortable enough to sit your butt in it all day.

For best results, we recommend testing different chairs to see which one works with your unique skeletal structure the most.

The most important thing is for the chair to provide optimal support for your back, legs, and arms. It should also feature a curved back so that your tailbone can stick out for maximum comfort.

  • Hang a Dry Erase Board on the Wall

Dry erase boards, when mounted on the wall, provide an alternative to paper for taking down notes and to-do lists. You’ll not only save paper but you’ll enjoy the fun that comes with using this medium.

There will be no post-it notes or paper clutter to clean up and you’ll enjoy a minimalist space to think clearly in.

If you have any questions, please ask below!