5 Creative Ways to Make Your Workspace More Colorful

Research states that sitting in the same room and looking at the same ambiance can cause depression in people. Productivity levels are affected by the surroundings. A person becomes bored while sitting around the same 4 walls, day in and day out. While there are different things you can try to improve your interest in the office work, there are certain actions you can take to improve the overall look and feel of your office too.

Instead of spending too much money on expensive decorative items, there are a few cost-effective ways which can make your office look brighter and full of life. The best thing about your workspace is the customization you can enjoy. Your workspace is where you think, work and execute your creativity. Why make it dull and ineffective?

Finding it hard to add life to the workspace you have been working in the past few years? Here are a few easy and inexpensive ways of doing so:

  1. DIY Art Piece

Having a decorated art piece that you’ve made is definitely a chin-up for your mood. Instead of buying something expensive, you can always enjoy being crafty and remembering something from your childhood. From a basic wooden box to turn into a pen holder to your bookends made from plastic, you can be creative with the little decorative items.

The best thing about making something yourself is your ability to be independent. You can use multiple mediums as well as colored items on the final item you make. For example, poster, as well as acrylic paints, can be used for this purpose. While paints may be a little tricky to use, you can always learn the art of acrylic pouring and floetrol work so everything is easier. There isinteresting information for beginners about these mediums for anyone to understand their utility.

  1. Bulletin Boards

No matter what you do, the bulletin boards never get old. You can pin up your important reminders and meeting minutes up on the board in colorful sticky notes. Sticky notes happen to be some of the most conventional yet colorful stationery items to date.

Sticky notes are available in multiple shapes and colors for you to choose from. Yellows, pinks, blues and so many more neon colors! Neon colors will not only remain identifiable from a distance but are also add a refreshing feel to your office. Apart from reminders, bulletin boards can also have your inspirational quotes, your creative references and so much more. This happens to be a cheaper and easy color addition to your work life.

  1. Textured Wallpaper

Textured walls have been in style for more than a decade now. While previously they were only considered best for roomy spaces, now even small sections of a room can be made trendy with colorful wallpapers. There are multiple shades of colors available in them along with the choice in textures.

From the waves to twirls, you can choose anything that lights up your morning. You can be as experimental as trying on a bright orange color on the wall right in front of your desk. How do you think that sounds?

  1. Desk Knick-knacks

You can never have enough of these! Miniature art pieces for your desk are a definite yes no matter what type of work you’re in. From keeping traditional and cultural ornaments to something as simple as a personalized mug, your desk should always be customized to your liking.

Some figurines for the desk such as a peacock ornament or an elephant happens to be a good way of adding life to your boring desk. Ensure when you’re placing these items, there is space left in the middle for you to place your laptop, your files, your notebook and your stationery. When you’ve made enough space, having a corner of the desk with these ornaments will brighten your workspace easily.

  1. Fancy Calendars

Fancy calendars to keep your notes happens to be a great way of adding brightness to your workspace. You no longer need digital reminders, how about going conventional?

Conventional calendars come in different colors and prints. From floral prints to basic pastel ones, calendars keep you excited about meeting deadlines and writing reminders of work. Calendars help you sustain interest in the conventional stationery while being trendy.

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