5 Associates Every Serious Business Needs to Acquire

Having a healthy working environment is incredibly important for maintaining a high amount of productivity and reducing stress in the workplace. There are a lot of different factors that influence this environment constantly, and not all of them are directly related to the main type of work that a company does.

There are a number of professional fields that play a crucial role in ensuring that a company runs smoothly, but they are not tied to that specific industry or niche. Whether you're selling clothes or offering home repair services, you will need to deal with things like marketing, and that requires specialized knowledge that you might not have.

If something isn't your area of expertise, you should leave it to educated professionals. For most modern businesses, acquiring the following five types of associates can make things a whole lot easier.

Public Relations Manager

The way a certain company is seen in the public eye can greatly affect its success. This process, otherwise known as branding, is a full time job. Everything you do needs to be in accordance with your basic brand values and your brand message has to be effectively demonstrated to your target audience.

So, you should consider having a reliable public relations manager, to take these obligations off your back. Building a reputation is a complex task - it needs to be done slowly and it requires a lot of skills that experienced professionals develop throughout their entire career.

Tech Support


Every aspiring business needs to have an online presence. As your company grows, the traffic on your website will increase, and you need to be prepared for it. Having a reliable tech partner that will provide you with non-stop support is quite important here.

When a visitor who's a potential customer lands on your website and they have trouble loading it, you can be positive that they won't wait for a very long time. If the content they need isn't immediately available, they'll simply look for a similar company that can actually give them what they need. So, be careful when you're selecting your new tech support partner, because they will play a big part in allowing your business to grow online.


As a business that's completely unrelated to handling and distributing money, and has none or very little training in doing so, you should definitely consider having an experienced accountant by your side. That way, you'll be able to focus on realizing your vision without being troubled by money-related issues with bureaucracy. If your employees opt SMSF, make sure that they are aware of their responsibilities and obligations so you don’t run into problems. A professional accounting adviser can be quite helpful with this as well.

Advertising Strategist

The quality of your products and services needs to reach a high level - when that happens, you should put your best efforts into maintaining and increasing the overall quality even further, so that your customers can enjoy maximum satisfaction.

Meanwhile, you should have an advertising expert who's capable of developing detailed strategies for marketing these products and services to your target audience. A good, valuable proposition is the best way to differentiate yourself from the competition. The feedback you receive should affect the way you do business. Obviously, this too is a job for a full-time business partner.

Social Networks Manager


We live in a time of constant connectedness and regular social media activity, which has made room for a new type of profession - social networks manager. When you're only a start-up and when you only have a few clients, this may not seem like a lot of work. However, in time, you will come to realize how time-consuming it can be to run several social media accounts, especially when you start getting all sorts of offers and feedback from different sources. Trust me, you'll want to have a trained personal to deal with the receiving end when that time comes.

Having an idea is just the start - it's a great start actually, but nothing more. If you want to be able to realize that idea, you'll need to surround yourself with professionals who you can trust.

It is difficult to find the funds to hire all of these professionals in the initial stages, but each of them can be introduced at a different development stage - you'll know the right moment when it comes, because you'll feel a professional void that needs to be filled.


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