4 Reasons Why Project Managers Need Resource Management Software

Project management is a serious and tough business. The technical aspects alone that project managers (PMs) deal with every day (i.e. tasks, budgets, assignees, risks, etc.) are puzzling, dreary, and strenuous.

PMs lead the team and ensure clear lines of accountability. If these individuals got too much exhausted and lost their productivity because of the overwhelming workload, the entire team and business will fall short of the client’s expectations.

To make every project lead’s life a lot easier, companies should invest in and utilise resource management software. This project management tool can simplify their work from allocation to monitoring, and resource coordination.

Read on to find out a few good reasons why such a system makes a worthy investment.

Perks of Having Project Management Software

Easier Team Collaboration

A project management system boasts acentralised and cloud-based interface, which allows for easier team collaboration.

This unified structure breaks down the barrier between business departments, project managers and team members. It enables everyone to discuss projects, request revisions and check a project’s status all in a single platform.

Through this tool, users can also access and share documents, comment on projects and plot deadlines with great ease. Project managers, in particular, stay informed on the progress and connected with other members without setting up a meeting or sending an email.

Budget Monitoring/Management

Budget monitoring is one of the complicated tasks involved in project management. It should be given a high priority otherwise projects can fall apart or be left incomplete.

With resource management software, project heads can easily manage and monitor a project’s budget. This program helps PMs keep a record of project expenses and align them to the planned and allocated budget.

The software provides quantifiable evidence of what the employees have done and how many hours are spent on a task or project in real-time. This data assistsmanagers in creating reports or strategic budgeting in the future.

Task Delegation & Scheduling

Delegating tasks to individuals and scheduling can be tricky and time-consuming. These two can take longer to finish, especially on larger projects.

But if project management software is in place, the above processes would not be an uphill battle. Such a tool takes out the conventional way of task delegation and scheduling—with no meetings and emails involved.

Managers can simply input tasks in the system along with the project timeline, details and instructions. They can add in members who will need to work on the tasks, set a deadline, and keep track of milestones, making the job less hassle-free and more convenient.

Better Client Communication

Resource management software is not solely designed for members within the organisation; it can also be used to interact with people outside the organisation.

Since it works under the cloud, clients can access the board, view the files shared with them, see the project’s progress, and so on. Clients can easily give feedback on the shared files and make edits in certain areas.

Indeed, this platform simplifies client communication. It eliminates the idea of scheduling a conference call, which can sometimes consume a lot of project managers’ time and hurt their productivity for the whole day.

What Is The Best Software For Project Management?

There is plenty of project management systems that businesses can use today. Here is the list of the best project management software tools of 2019, according to The Balance Small Business:

  • Best for Getting Started: Trello
  • Best for Speedy Setup: Wrike
  • Best for Collaboration: Basecamp
  • Best Value: Zoho Projects
  • Best Features: LiquidPlanner
  • Best for Big Projects: Microsoft Project
  • Best for Powerful Simplicity: Teamwork Projects

Invest in This Tool Today!

Managing projects is as tough as managing people. That is why businesses should invest in project management software to simplify every project manager’s work routine, improve team efficiency and deliver projects successfully.

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