What Is Authentic Leadership?

LeadershipBeing Transparent and "Good"

As an authentic leader you allow your feelings and thoughts to be out there and allow yourself to be vulnerable.This type of leadership isn’t all about business, and cares about the well-being of others. You make sure that the way you behave isn’t going to harm others. You want others to look at you as a human being and you treat others as human beings, as well.

An authentic leader has good morals and has a lot of good character. You want to work on being a good person as part ofyour leadership styles.People tend to respond well to this type of leader because this type of leader avails themselves to others and focuses on being a good person. You want others to recognize and see your morals and ethics in every business and interpersonal decision you make.

Be Courageous

Another characteristic of an authentic leader is that you have pluck. Youmake decisions based upon what you think is the correct and moral thing to do, not what would be the easiest route.

You focus your energies upon being ethical in every decision that you make. This type of leadership focuses on team-building and building friendships and communities among people.People really want to feel like they belong to a group and that their input and thoughts are valued and wanted.This is what an authentic leader encourages, builds, and embraces.

Understanding the Self

As an authentic leader you make sure that you understand your own needs and wants. You want to be aware of the things you have going for you, and the things that aren’t so good. You try to embrace and expand on the good, and work on changing the bad.

Authentic leaders have vision. You imagine the way that things should be and you don’t stop with just dreaming. You continue to push for the best that the company can be and how you can better everything. You don’t stop until you help to make these dreams a reality.

Authentic leaders are not the type that will try to push subordinates to perfection because they recognize that there is no such thing.This type of leader tries to do well in everything that they engage in.They make sure that the standards that they are living by are continually growing.However, they always recognize that perfection is impossible, and don’t try to push for it.

Taking Care of the Self

You take care of yourself and make a point of being in good shape, so that you will be better able to lead others. You take care of your own body, so that you are better able to take care of others. True authentic leaders have some form of legacy.People are very affected by them and you always remember an authentic leader.They also have vision and insight, and constantly strive to be better.

Taking Initiative

Authentic leaders get going before anyone else does. You strive to have the initiative to get things done at all times. You don’t hang around and wait for others to take the wheel or make the decision.Authentic leaders are the ones that get out there and get the job done.

Authentic leaders have a ton of integrity.It matters to you what you do and how you do it. You want to do things the right and meaningful way. You have values and ethics.Authentic leaders are influential and you have a great impact on the lives of others.A good authentic leader also wants to have a positive impact on others, not a negative one. You want to be the instrument of change for the better. You make sure that what you do is good and you are able to help others to better themselves.

How to Be an Authentic Leader

If you are interested in becoming an authentic leader, you should make sure that you are flexible in your leadership.You must be willing to adapt and to change.You must also be willing to look inside yourself and really take some time out learn about yourself and how you can be a more effective and authentic leader. Focus upon being the best and most ethical you can be, and the rest will fall into place.

Published on behalf of Alisha Webb. Alisha is a British writer working out of Barcelona and a content developer for Phoenix training - a company specializing in professional training.

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