Tips on How to Foster a Positive Relationship Among Employees

It’s healthy to have a bit of a competition among the employees at work. It could motivate them to do a better job. You know that everyone will work hard to reach their goals and impress the management team. The problem is that the competition gets too tough, and the workplace becomes toxic. It could lead to serious rivalries. Instead of seeing positive changes at work, the productivity of the employees might be affected. These are a few tips to foster a positive relationship.

Have dinner at least once a month

You can go out to dinner with your employees. You don’t need to make it a mandatory dinner, but it’s good to hang out with these people once in a while. You want to know them outside the workplace. It also helps foster a good relationship among the employees. Sometimes, the workplace can bring out the worst in people, and a different setting might be nice.

Host a big event

You can also have a big event as a way of celebrating milestones and other achievements. You can host a funfair if you want your employees to feel like kids again. If they have kids, they can bring them to the fair. It’s a bit difficult to organise considering the size of the event, so you need to partner with a fairground stall hire specialist. You will have everything you need for the event, including rides and food stalls. It will be a memorable day, and your employees will feel inspired to get back to work.

Mix the employees up

You need to find a way for employees to work together. Sometimes, there are employees who feel too comfortable with each other, and they don’t want to work with anyone else anymore. It doesn’t mean that you want to break them apart. Instead, you want them to learn how to work with people outside their group. They might feel great when they still manage to accomplish something with a person they normally don’t work with.

Resolve conflicts

If you hear about employees fighting with each other, you need to be there to intervene. Confront these employees and make them realise their mistake. You can’t allow this rivalry to continue since work could get affected. You can’t force a reconciliation, but you can at least make both parties promise to remain professional while on the job.

Don’t assign a permanent seating arrangement

Tell your employees that their current table assignment could change after a few weeks. Therefore, they need to get ready to pack their things and move. It’s crucial because you want them to interact with other employees too. The problem is that only those who sit next to each other forge friendships. Mixing things up will make everyone understand each other better.

Engage your employees

Hopefully, your workplace becomes more positive after instituting these changes, and it will be the type of workplace your employees will enjoy spending time in.

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