Small Business: 5 Ways to Keep Your Employees Motivated and Productive

When being in charge of a small business, it is important for your team to stay productive and motivated in order to achieve the wanted goals. It is not easy to boost someone's performance only by giving them bonuses-but also, you need to show them that they are an important part of the business. Moreover, by keeping them motivated, they will certainly become more productive and encouraged to work on their skills, as well as to improve them.

1. Good working conditions


When it comes to good working conditions, we always think of a friendly atmosphere, physical conditions, hours of work and breaks. You need to make sure that the working environment is pleasant, comfortable and that every employee has enough space to work without being disturbed. Moreover, if you have an open space office, then make sure that each of them has a big enough desk. This way, they will be focused and the noises other people make won't annoy them. Also, you need to create a wellness workplace program and a detailed incentive program in order to keep your employees satisfied.

2. Organize team-building activities

A successful team means having people communicate well and function as one in order to achieve more. Some qualities can be found in one employee, however, someone may lack that skill. That is the point where they need to cooperate and learn from each other. If they don't feel like developing a friendly relationship among them, then you need to organize some team building exercises, which will not only help them bond, but also teach them how to work as a team. There are various indoor and outdoor activities, which require your employees to work together in order to win games. This way, they will realize what their weaknesses and strengths are, which will help them reach the end goal.

As these activities are both fun and educational, they will help your team develop friendly relationships and begin to love coming to their office. It is certain that Mondays won't be a real struggle anymore.

3. Respect your employees


Your employees should know that you appreciate them and their hard work. Also, they need to feel as you aren't someone who they are only working for, but also someone who will support them and help them complete projects successfully. By showing support, you will encourage them to be inventive and think big. They need to know that you value their opinion, and that they cannot only follow your orders, but try to do something big by following their instincts.

By encouraging them to think big, they will increase their productivity, which will result in better work performance.

4. Your employees deserve an award for hard work

When your employees successfully complete many projects or make a great business deal, you should reward them. You can give them some bonus or give some job related award that will at the same time increase their productivity. If their job requires having a good smartphone or a laptop, or they need to do some work from home, you can award them with a quality one. Moreover you can organize a weekend vacation for your employees, which will also serve as a team building activity.

5. You are the boss, act like one


It is not recommended to act like you are superior to your team, because you should work as a team. However, you are the boss, so act like one. You just need to learn the qualities of a good leader, and not only give orders. On the other hand, you shouldn't be too friendly, because you should keep a professional atmosphere at work. Your main task is to point out to your employees-the mistakes they are making. This way, they will know what they are doing wrong and what they need to improve. However, you should also tell them when they are doing the good work and encourage them to work harder and better. Don't critique your employee in front of others, but individually, because it might be an unpleasant situation. Moreover, as they are working as team, you should also point out the mistakes and successfully completed tasks by mentioning the whole team, and not only a few people.

In order to have a successful business, you need to have a successful team. Because of that, train your employees, so they will be able to complete the projects in a wanted manner. By investing in them, you will keep your employees motivated, productive and happy.

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