Seven Key Traits of a Leader

We all have heard about some great business leaders like Steve Jobs, Madam CJ Walker, Henry Ford and so on. They had the ability to turn concepts into real-world stories. But how these people become the best leaders that the world still remembers them?

Do they have the leadership qualities by birth? The answer is “NO”

Even the well-known leaders who are famous for leaving a benchmark in the world were not born as leaders. Then what made them the best leaders?

The answer is that they developed such qualities in themselves that resulted in doing better leadership. There is no perfect definition of leadership nor can a person acquire it by reading books and passing exams.

In this article, we will shed light on some of the most important traits of a leader. Let us see what these traits are:

  • Inspiring personality

If we are working in a team, we know that we have to work for a common cause and for this we should follow our leader. Since everyone is following the leader; they should have such characteristics in their personality which are inspiring for others.

It is true that great leaders bring change in themselves before asking for change from their teams. Here comes the concept of “capacity building”. It is a process of increasing your capacity for working more effectively using the current resources. Leaders use capacity building to show their team how well they can do if they want and everything is possible because they have also changed themselves.

  • Passion and dedication

One thing is clear that great leaders are highly passionate and dedicated. They can do anything for making things done in a positive manner. Their passion and dedication are the secret ingredients of their success.

When firms have great leaders they are able to meet the client’s needs in a better way. Leaders are passionate not only for the present situation but they have planned for the coming five years too. They are passionate about their careers and for bringing a good change in their work. For instance, a company that provides digital marketing services might want to give their best marketing plan to five potential customers for long-term retention. A passionate leader will not just roughly make the digital plan and pass it on. But, they will quickly make a team and assign duties for working on this project. They will give examples of their best plans and how it will affect the client’s business. They will also compare their plan with that of the competitors. In short, they will take every step that can turn these five potential customers into final customers.

  • Empathy

Good leaders are not just firm in their decisions. They have empathetic behavior that is enough to rate strong relations with the team members.

Leaders have this ability to make adjustments in the team if one member is not emotionally well. He gives value to other things of the members and not just the work-life.

For a leader, it is important to know how the members are feeling emotionally. Are they mentally comfortable, what things are becoming hindrances in their success and what can be done?

We all love those leaders who give us the opportunity to speak up in times of distress. We will naturally love to work under the leader who understands our emotional well-being.

  • Excellent communicator

When we work in a team, there are a lot of things that need to be resolved. Only the person who is leading the team can do it in an effective manner. Here comes the role of a leader as a good communicator.

They communicate everything to the team members. Whether it is day or night, they ask their members to give a call and discuss anything related to the task. They keep on arranging meetings and provide opportunities to all for discussion of their issues.

If a new project is on hand, they discuss the ins and outs of it. They will create a plan and communicate it before just putting the work on their team members.

  • Good decision-makers

Who is the person that can make smart decisions even at an eleventh hour? A client is suddenly not happy with the work and who will decide the next step for them?

It is the leader who will make smart decisions no matter how much pressure is on their heads. This decisive personality of a leader makes them stand out from the mob. Their smart decisions are the result of having happy clients.

They can quickly fix the problem if an important employee is suddenly leaving the firm without prior notice. They make plans beforehand and their out of the box thinking is something that the company wants.

  • Team builders

Leaders are team builders rather than team breakers. They work for a collective cause and take every step to bring the team on the same page. They always promote collaboration, collective approach and cooperation in the team.

Every team has conflicts and internal issues but do these conflicts always break the teams? No, because leaders stand for their team and they resolve every issue to make the team strong.

  • Consistent in efforts

We have never seen a leader who has made a strategic plan one day and then gets demotivated with the disturbing reviews of the client.

Leaders are always consistent in what they do. They treat failure as a good sign of learning. They think that every time they fail, they learn something new for the future. This consistency in their efforts is the thing that made them leaders.

If the leaders are not consistent, how will they keep the entire team motivated for a collective cause?

In simpler terms, we can conclude that a leader is a person who knows what the right way is. They go through that way and show it to others. With all these qualities, a leader successfully becomes a knight of achievements and a slayer of disappointments.

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