Seven Employee Engagement Tips We Should Learn From Startups

Employee engagement is all about how emotionally an employee is aligned with the organization’s goals. Engaged employees believe in the mission of the company and want it to succeed. They are not just bothered about swanky benefits or a huge salary.

In simple words, employee engagement can be referred to as the emotional commitment of the employees towards the organization and its goals. Earning monetary benefits is not their ultimate aim. They want to feel like a valued member of the team and have a say in the organization.

The employees should not be limited to profit-generating tools. A little push and time to time motivation are important to keep their spirits high. Here is the list of seven employee engagement ideas that’ll surely work wonders for your organization.

1. Boost employee engagement through collaborative working

Companies should leverage technology for encouraging their staff to work virtually. A virtual workforce not only reduces overhead costs but also hints that you trust your employees completely.

In turn, your employees will stay more productive, motivated and happier. This will reduce employee turnover and thereby have a positive impact on training costs.

Fortunately, today’s technologies allow professionals to keep updated on the tasks instantaneously through project collaboration tools and social media.

All we are trying to say is use remote working to boost engagement of the employees in the organization’s working by encouraging better communication between the team members.

2. Create a friendly atmosphere where workers can speak their mind freely

An open work atmosphere encourages employees to work in a better way. But this policy should be implemented with certain limitations.

Employees should be restricted from insulting others and practicing unruly behavior or disrespectful behavior like racism. They can have their say, but make sure they are not rude to others.

A policy as such where every staff member can speak out their thoughts would also bring the added benefit of fresh ideas from the employees.

Do not worry even if there are people in your organization who are taking advantage of this policy. Focus on implementing clear guidelines, and this will come to your rescue in case of any complications.

The whole idea behind creating a friendly atmosphere is making the employees feel respected and valued.

3. Drop the hierarchy and be flexible

Flexibility and the easy environment are one of the biggest gifts for any employee. Do not be much bothered about how your employees get their job done as long as you get satisfactory work, within the stipulated time.

If any of your employees are stuck with his/her personal commitment, try adjusting the working hours according to their needs so that he feels the sense of belonging and will always take the extra mile when you need them the most.

Keep in mind that your employees have other commitments too, in addition to the job. As an owner of the business, you need to oblige it and make the adjustments accordingly.

But do not fall in the trap of fake claims and demands. Open communication policy is a must to hold the employees in good stead.

4. Little ideas of fun could add up to the productivity of employees

It is easy for the employees to feel sleepy and exhausted in the ‘boring’ office. The main reason for this is the low morale. Adding fun to the office environment will help you in a number of ways.

Today, most of the startups look forward to encouraging and boost the morale of their employees in one or the other way. It could be a random dance session in the middle of a day or just anything else.

You may get some ideas from your employees as well. Mild bursts of deviation from heavy work ought to do wonders in increasing the productivity of employees. Moreover, coming to the office will not seem burdensome to your employees.

5. Encourage Mobile learning

This trend is not going to end in the near future with Gen Z ready to enter the workforce. Modern employees juggle with outside interests, multi-faceted life, hobbies, balancing work, family, and education.

It is important that new entrants complete training and access content at the required time and at the pace that suits them.

Mobile training allows the employees to complete their training wherever and whenever they want. This method raises enthusiasm while offering the added benefit of flexible working practices.

6. Don’t keep your employees deprived of positive feedback

Unfortunately, a lot of employees are deprived of positive feedback and praise because of the rough professional relationships with their bosses.

Recognition and support help the workers in surmounting the challenges of the workplace easily. Even the ones who have a healthy relationship with their boss can benefit from employee recognition.

The secret to retaining the best employees and managing a huge workforce is monitoring the working of the employees and to give credits to the deserving.

Do not overlook the extra efforts of your employees. And make sure that you pay heed to their feedbacks.

7. Allow Personal devices at Work

Today, the majority of professionals use two or more devices in their daily lives. If we talk about millennials, they are glued to their handsets and other devices they use.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) enhances employee engagement while allowing them the ease of working. This offers a huge benefit, especially in the long run.

So if you find any of your employees with his/her iPhone out during the working hours, try and not give the “evil eye” to him.

Being supportive and polite can do wonders for you. Your employees will never think of going against your wishes and will always sacrifice their leisure time to get the work done for you.

Remember, you have employed a human being, not a machine and you need to pay respect to get the same in return.

If you are thankful to them for their efforts, they will always perform better than expected.

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