How to Set Business Goals for 2018

Having a successful business can be one of the best dreams you ever had. But in a competitive business market as we have today, it is not that easy to run and sustain a business. With the advent of new technology, smartphones, GPS and lot many innovations, it is easy to get lost in the crowd in 2018. So set up your business goals and fasten your seat belt for a thrilling journey in 2018. But how to set up business goals which will ensure more success and less failure? More profits and less loses? Let us checkout some facts which you should keep in mind while planning your business goals in the upcoming year.

Get set for 2018- plan your goals

Revise your mission

Yes, your mission might have turned obsolete by this time. World is moving faster and your company might have already achieved its mission. Research the market, discuss with your peers and plan a new mission which can have a lasting impact on the clients in 2018.

Identify the potential risks

Is Artificial Intelligence going to be your major threat in 2018? Will your customers switch to another company just because they are getting better customer service? When you are at the edge of a New Year like 2018, it is of ultimate importance that you have answers to these questions. Brainstorm with your team to get unbiased response about how your software outsourcing company is performing at present; what they think should happen next. This kind of discussion will identify the potential risks which your company might face in 2018 and your business goals should try to mitigate these issues.

Go for specific business goals

“The company needs to earn more revenue” cannot be a business goal in 2018. This is a year for constructive businesses and hence your business goals must be specific. Make real progress by making simple and clear goals, like you want “ABC” product to be launched in 2018, you want to create a website to promote your business; this kind of business goals will not only prevent misunderstandings but also help your entry and mid-level executives know what is expected from them and how the company is preparing itself for the near future.

Set your priorities

There can be numerous activities which you want to perform in 2018. You might want to launch new products, get back lost customers or improve employee bonding; but which one is of utmost importance? Think, discuss and priorities. A structured and step-wise decision making can be of great help; like achieving certain goals on quarter basis.

Set deadlines

2018 will be fast moving year in terms of technology and meeting consumer needs. You cannot take a whole year to accomplish one task and hence besides prioritising your goals, it is essential to have strict timelines within which it has to be accomplished. Have some time boxes which will serve as checkpoints for your employees and also for you to understand how much progress has been made and also to adjust to the changing factors around you.

Create a No List

Just writing down what you want to do in 2018 is not enough to have a concrete business, you must jot down the things which you do not want to do in 2018. There are several best practices followed by big brands which you may want to instill in your organizational culture, but you must think about the feasibility as well? Are these ideas aligned to your ultimate vision? Cross the points which are not; stay strict on things which you do not want to follow if you want to be on the right track will 2018 ends.

Create the right mind set

Is it only you in the organization who is looking forward to do something great in 2018? Is it only you who is planning? If the answers are yes, then how flawless may be your 2018 business goals, there is no way you will be able to accomplish them. An organizational success is the result of team based effort and hence all the employees must be on the same page and focused on the business goals which the company has planned.

Besides these strategies let us also checkout some of the top business goals which are being adopted by multinational companies around the world

  • Adoption of new technology- Companies are resorting to more use of Artificial Intelligence, upgrading to newer versions of Java and Blockchain technology to keep pace with the changing world.
  • Expanding to new areas- Organizations are adopting newer marketing strategies like blogging, linking to social media and website promotion to get new set of customers.
  • Improvising employee benefits-
    Retaining top talent is one of the major business goals for most of the companies in 2018. They are trying to provide more benefits to employees like work from home facility, flexible schedule options and increased healthcare benefits.

There is no doubt about the fact that quietly we all are looking forward to 2018 to get something better in our lives and also for the businesses which we run. If you have a set of business goals handy by the start of the year, the chances of success are high.

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