Four Things Your Team Need to Work Well Together

Being part of a great team at work is an amazing feeling. When your team is in ‘the zone’, working well together and achieving phenomenal results, going to work can easily become something that you look forward to doing every morning. But, the unfortunate fact of the matter is that today, many workplaces suffer from poor communication, low engagement, and lack of trust – all things that are anything but conducive to a good teamwork.

The key to improving teamwork in your workplace is to give your employees the right conditions to grow and develop together. Here are some of the best teamwork conditions to consider.

#1. Dedicated Team Building Events:

Taking a step back from the office and doing something fun together is always a great way to get your team talking to each other. Without the added pressure and stress of projects and deadlines, meeting up for some fun and socialisation will help your team come out of their shells and get to know each other on a personal level, especially if there’s little chance to do this throughout the working day. Team Tactics is a corporate hospitality company providing a wide range of teambuilding and socialising events for employees. From sporting events to live music, VIP events and cultural experiences, they offer everything you need for bringing your team together.

Just remember that before booking an event like this, it’s wise to consider every member of your team. While most people will enjoy VIP events and cookery classes, not everyone will enjoy an active day out. Ask your team what they most want to do and go from there for the best results.

#2. The Role of Leadership:

If you don’t already have good teamwork at the top, this will quickly make its way down throughout your workplace. Good teamwork starts with the leaders, and leading by example is the best way to set the bar for where employees should be in terms of working together. After all, the leaders of the company are the ones that everybody else looks up to for guidance, therefore, establishing teamwork as the norm at this level will trickle down throughout each level of the company until eventually, it becomes the norm. Management training courses can help with this if it’s something your company struggles with.

#3. Encourage Clear Communication:

Teams who don’t communicate well with each other experience massive roadblocks when it comes to working together. If team members have no idea what the others are doing, it automatically becomes more difficult for them to contribute effectively. Great people do a good teamwork in the office and often ask for feedback, being contradicted, and coming up with new things together. Whilst team members might not always see eye to eye, good teams are able to effectively communicate through their differences to come up with a solution that works for everybody.

#4. Recognise and Reward:

Last but certainly not least, satisfied employees are those who feel that they are recognised and rewarded for their hard work. And, satisfied employees tend to be happier and more productive in the workplace, leading to a better teamwork experience all round. However, recognition and reward doesn’t always translate to cash bonuses. Something as simple as sending a company-wide email thanking everybody for their efforts can make a huge difference. Early finishes, extra holiday days, or even free snacks in the office are great ways to show your appreciation.

What encourages you to work better with your team in work? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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