Brainstorming Is Such a Waste Of Time - Fight It Hard!

Coming up with good ideas and letting your brain storm hard are two different things but unfortunately plenty of people tend to mingle the two, as a result of which they are made to face repercussions they never wanted to. A lot of people in the business usually brainstorm their mind for nothing good and the bad thing is that they often realize it by the end. The conventional idea that has been doing rounds today is that the formal brainstorming sessions among the team are much required to fetch the benefits. However, this is not always the truth. Rather the best and the most innovative ideas don't always emerge from such sessions that are often tiring.


No to Brainstorming - why?

Brain often fails to make optimal connections in such a rigid atmosphere where the ideas are often found to be not flowing smoothly. As a result, most of the brainstorming sessions turn out to be a real disaster and often a waste of time. In such conversations, there often remains a good pressure from the leader. There also usually remains a peer pressure and the participants often feel the requirement to please the team with the most authentic and right answers. Failure to do so can also cause embarrassment.

All of us enjoy the real power to actually develop the thoughts into the reality. Here are some of the activities and techniques that can play a crucial role in producing ideas even during the most exhaustive brainstorming sessions. We have tried almost all these techniques in our company Flatbed-Truck.co.uk and seemed like they worked fine for the growth of our company:

# Try to do something mindless

When your mind is at work for a long time, giving it some time to relax and freshen up makes sense. Take a walk or listen to music but do anything that does not require you to put exhaustive mind energy. Let your mind just "wander" through the journeys that do not include aims. This leads to formulating the new ideas and finding interesting and convincing ideas to all the questions that have appeared perplexing so far. Get rid of the moderate background noises and listen to your favourite music - see how it feels!


# Try to do something really hard

Throw your mind at something that's challenging as well as interesting. Take up tasks and draw the innovation out of it. Difficult memory games and the crossword puzzles may actually do the trick. They will surely stimulate the brain and allow it to work differently by letting it think on a different plane. They can prove to be the ultimate gateway to the next amazing brainchild.

# Gather some time to meditate

Innovation and the fresh ideas are all there inside you, you only need to explore them. Through meditation, you are only going to allow them to connect with each other and produce a masterpiece. With the help of meditation, you also boost up your concentration level so that the ideas in your mind can be allowed to flow freely. It is also an amazing way to relive stress.


Sleep and sleep more

Sleeping is an essential activity that puts the mind at good deal of rest. It helps in learning, recalling and creating. Taking a good nap will help you in thinking about things innovatively and you will also be able to solve problems in an effective manner. A good and satisfied sleep time is capable of bestowing on you the opportunities of producing ideas more vividly. It also plays an instrumental role in inspiring insight and triggers new thoughts. Next time when you are completely exhausted thinking about the issues and brainstorming on the solutions, put away all the work and go to bed. We are sure, you will be energised by the time you wake up and are back to work.

Have faith in your abilities

Whether you succeed or you fail, believing in your abilities is extremely important and trust us, it's the fuel that gets you going even through the odds. Whether you are smart or you are not, make sure that you trust your own abilities. Make sure that you know your intelligence is expandable. People who believe in their abilities are also the ones who have the courage to take many more professional and intellectual risks. They can become more successful and vibrant in business.

It requires no rocket science to make out that too many brainstorming sessions can actually create issues in the end than solve problems, which they are actually meant to do. A lot of studies in the past have shown that the ones who are keen on learning are also the ones who tend to become much stronger. They are the ones who realise what it takes to make it big in the market and are curious enough to get things done in the most effective way. Next time when you are in a brainstorming session or meeting, make sure that it's not the only thing you stick to or rely on. Believe in your innate capability or intelligence to solve issues with an eye for detail - you should, it's time you need to!

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