5 Leadership Tips to Help Employees be More Productive

LeadershipOften times people in managing or owner positions forget that their primary role should be leadership and not tyranny. Employees might have trouble being productive under the rule of a tyrant who simply demands and reminds them they are above them. You can boost employee productivity using some simple leadership tricks and tips. Here are five ways to help your employees be more productive.

Employee Recognition

Employees can feel as if they are working towards nothing if their leader fails to recognize their workplace feats. It is important to voice recognition when employees step up to the plate and complete work in an excellent manner. If employees understand that they will receive positive acknowledgment for their work, then they will be encouraged to work above and beyond expectations. There are a number of recognition programs you can implement as a leader. Explore your options and see which one works best for your employees.

Establish a Friendship

Be a leader, not a boss by demonstrating to your employees that you are a friend. Form a bond with those that work under you so that they may see you as a mentor rather than a tyrant. Leaders who are perceived as “bossy” are often resented by people in positions who work under them. You can imply you are a friend in charge by simply changing the way you speak. Instead of demanding tasks to be completed, ask your employees if they will do you a favor. This implies you aren’t giving them ultimatums every time they are required to perform a task.

Work Alongside Employees

If you sit around and wait for others to complete tasks, then employees will start to question your authority. They will ask themselves, “Well why do I have to do this work and they don’t have to?” It’s important to work alongside your employees, completing the same tasks they are required to do. This shows them that you are not above their job and you value their work. As a leader, no task should be above your position. When you work with your employees on the same tasks, it builds a sense of teamwork and they’ll understand that productivity is important, even on a leadership level.

Accept Feedback

One of the best steps you can take as a leader is accepting constructive criticism through a leadership assessment program. Allow your employees to give you feedback on ways you can improve your leadership position. Give them a voice and they will feel as if they play an important role as part of a team. Allowing them to assess your work will give them an understanding that you are striving to improve and be as productive as them. This will encourage them to be as productive as you. Always show humility and be grateful for their feedback. Allow yourself to admit when you are wrong or committed an error. Lastly, be sure to really listen to their voice rather than sit there and refuse to change your ways.

Show by Example

As a leader, it’s important to show and not just constantly make demands. Show your employees through example what kind of quality work you expect from them. Expectations should be shown through your own work. If you always turn your work on time, then employees will also follow suit and become punctual. If you dress professionally, so will your employees. Send out your company’s message through your work and your employees will embody your company brand out to the world. The best way to show by example is also by sharing credit for completed work. This allows employees to feel as if their work is contributing to a team as a whole, boosting production as they will be more likely to show others exemplary work.

Follow these simple tips to create an environment that encourages employees to be more productive. As a leader, you have the power to change the workplace and give your employees the boost they need. Once you try out these easy tips, watch the positive results come to fruition.

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