When to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

life moves fastIf you are injured by someone else's negligence or intentional actions, your early feelings will likely be pain, confusion, anger, and even depression. It is difficult to overcome these initial emotions and remain clear-headed enough to document everything that occurs. Yet the actions you take in the first 72 hours are critical to receiving the compensation that you deserve.

If your injuries and financial damages are relatively insignificant, and you have experience filing legal documents in a timely manner, you might be able to handle your own claim. If the situation is at all complicated, however, it is always best to contact a competent personal injury lawyer such as Bryan Stubbs. From his free report, How to Win Your Personal Injury Case, here is a look at 5 times you should always hire a personal injury lawyer.

1. Serious injuries

If you are seriously injured, your financial compensation can vary widely. An experienced attorney can help ensure that you receive the money to which you are entitled. If you are permanently disabled, financial compensation awards can skyrocket, but you have to prove your disability. A personal injury lawyer can help you navigate this complex web of paperwork.

In addition, serious injuries and disability typically generate enormous medical bills that can stretch far into the future. It can be difficult to determine what your future bills might entail, and to ensure that they are covered in your settlement. An experienced lawyer can help you sort through these factors and negotiate a settlement that includes everything you will need.

2. Significant financial impacts

Injuries can have all sorts of far-reaching effects that might not occur to you at first. For example, you might incur loss of wages and time off from work. If you are in school, you might need to repeat a semester. You might miss a special event, such as a family wedding or graduation, or need to cancel a vacation. Anything that you miss can add to your financial compensation package, so make a list and consider hiring an attorney. An experienced lawyer will know how to document and present your case to ensure that you receive everything you deserve.

3. Difficult insurance negotiations

In many cases, one person is clearly at fault and that insurance company pays a fair settlement quickly. Other cases, however, are not so easily handled. Some insurance companies move very slowly. Some offer quick settlements at ridiculously low levels of compensation. Some adjusters try to use fast talk to confuse the claimant, while others attempt to dodge communication.

If you feel like the insurance company is being less than forthright or if you are offered a settlement that you think is disproportionately low, contact a personal injury lawyer. Sometimes a letter from an attorney is all that is needed to achieve a fair settlement, while at other times it is necessary to file suit.

4. Liability difficulties

Every state has some form of comparative negligence law, which means that your award will be reduced by the amount that you are found to have contributed to the accident. In a few states, if you are shown to have contributed even slightly, then you are not entitled to any compensation.

Comparative negligence is measured on a percentage basis according to complicated determination formulas. This means that there is always the opportunity to prove that you contributed less than an initial review would indicate. If you are dissatisfied with the percentages calculated by the insurance company, contact a personal injury attorney to help you prove your case.

5. Government involvement

It is possible to sue the government and even win, but cases involving government at any level carry a strict set of filing and documentation requirements that can be extremely tricky to meet. If a governmental entity is involved in any way, always seek guidance from a personal injury lawyer. Missing a single deadline or messing up a single document could result in a denial of your claim. Gain peace of mind by enlisting the help of a personal injury attorney.

Bryan Stubbs, Attorney At Law, assists clients throughout the Tacoma, WA area. For over 50 years, his office has been helping injured people collect the compensation they deserve. To protect your rights, contact them as soon as possible after an injury.

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