What Types of Incidents Do Personal Injury Lawyers Cover?

Commercials for personal injury law firms are a mainstay of daytime TV. These dramatic (often comic) interludes almost always focus upon terrifying injuries at work, injuries incurred through whiplash-inducing automotive accidents, and what's called the ‘slip and fall' injury—when you fall and hurt yourself due to the negligence of another person supposedly responsible for keeping that floor, staircase, sidewalk, or roadway clear. Shoddy television production aside, these are all serious matters involving your health and wellbeing, and if you do find yourself hurt in a preventable work, automobile, or falling incident, you are best served by seeking out a qualified personal injury lawyer to represent your interests. But these incidents are no means representative of all that a personal injury specializes in.

Personal injury lawyers help clients sue for monetary compensation for physical pain and injury (medical bills, rehabilitation, and pain), emotional or psychological suffering (depression, anxiety, and in some cases, even PTSD, or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), and for income and wages lost due to whatever physical or emotional predicament the assault has caused.

When Canadian citizens have severe and prolonged disabilities, they may be unable to work and earn income. The CPP (Canada Pension Plan) reviews all applications from people seeking disability benefits in these cases. Not all applications are successful, however; some require reconsiderations, and even a second negative decision by the CPP can be challenged by taking the case to the SST (Social Security Tribunal). A personal injury lawyer is also experienced in assisting clients with their personal disability claims, ensuring that if debilitating circumstances prevent you from working, you will receive a fair review and consideration by agencies designed to provide assistance.

WSIB (Workplace Safety Insurance Board) claims, issues surrounding wrongful deaths, and even product liability cases are routinely handled by personal injury lawyers. A lawyer trained in these fields will help you get a fair hearing, with the maximum amount of return for the least amount of time invested. It's important to take the time to find a lawyer you feel comfortable with and has the experience to get you the results you deserve. For example, McKenzie Lake Lawyers (based in London, Ontario) has a specialized division dedicated to personal injury law ( By going to their site, you will see what a personal injury law firm has to offer. Take the time to find an experienced lawyer you feel comfortable with, and the results should speak for themselves.

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