What to Do when Pulled Over for Driving while Impaired

Being pulled over for a DUI or DWI is one of the worst nightmares everyone can face on the road. While the most guaranteed way for avoiding DWI charges is never to drive while drunk sometimes things get out of hand and you find yourself in a compromising position. You may have had a few beers celebrating a win of a football game or had a few glasses of wine with dinner at a friend’s house and then decide to drive home. However, just after making a few turns you are pulled over by that highway patrol officer. This is when it hits you that things might go wrong any time; you do not know what to do or what will happen to you. Here important DWI Attorney tips on what to do when pulled over for DUI suspicion.

Always stay as calm and polite as possible

Once an officer suspects that you were driving while impaired, he or she will need something to prove his or her suspicion. Always cooperate to some reasonable extent such as handing over your license but never plead to be guilty on any accusation. Always remain calm and keep your hands visible, say a few words as possible and avoid harsh statements as possible. The officer may try to provoke you or ask unnecessary questions but always bear in mind this is a trick to make you incriminate yourself. Note that even if you are not drunk, the officer may pull you over for other reasons such as passing a red light, aggressive overtaking or over speeding. Never plead guilty to suchDUI accusations since this will make fighting your case harder.

Never take a field test

Most highway or streets patrol officer carry a portable intoxication analyzer or breathalyzers. Never at any time or circumstances agree to take the field test also known as PBT. Many offers will try to convince you to blow into PBT or portable breath analyzer by saying that it cannot be used in court. However, this is a misleading statement because even if the PBT results cannot be used against you in court, the results will be admissible in court if your attorney tries to challenge the case by claiming lack of probable cause for the arrest.

Pay attention to what the officer says or does

In case you are pulled over the officer should inform you why he or she pulled you over. You may have passed a red light or driving over the speed limit. If the officer provides wrong information or handles you inappropriately, you may have your case dismissed. Always make sure that you write or record everything that happens during your encounter with the officers to help your DWI Attorney get enough information to fight your case.

Always insist on calling your attorney

If you ever get pulled over by an officer always note that you have rights to an attorney. Whether you were arrested or not, remember to call your lawyer and explain your encounter. Other than arresting you, an officer may give you a ticket or ask you a few questions and let you go. In either case, you need to consult with your attorney as you may have incriminated yourself with other charges unknowingly. If arrested, never answer any questions without a lawyer by your side. The questions at the police station may seem polite and harmless but they are always structured that way to help officers get enough information to charge you. A lawyer has the experience to realize such tricks and authority to stop any wrong line of questioning.

In case you must drive home but you are not sure whether you will be stopped for DUI always avoid factors that could increase your penalties. Avoid scenarios such as over speeding or driving with a minor in your car. These will make you look suspicious and also attract hefty penalties if found guilty. Also avoid roads passing near public amenities such as hospitals, churches, and schools since officers patrolling such roads are normally skeptical, increasing your chances of getting pulled over.

If you are ever pulled over for any reason, including DUI/ DWI suspicion always remember to consult with your lawyer to know the best cause of action. Lawyers will help to fight your case quickly and even help to avoid harsh penalties if found guilty.

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