What are the Best Client-Centric Strategies for Law Firms?

Law firms are like any other firm in the world that is witnessing an increasing shift in the way clients react and demand today. One of the biggest reasons for this type of change is nothing but the fact that technology has made them aware of their rights as a client and also they know they can ask for personalized solutions in the wake of increasing competition (a practice becoming prevalent in other industries as well).

So, thinking of adopting a client-centric approach is not a choice for law firms but the need of the hour if they wish to sustain in the market.

Defining the Client-Centric Approach

A client-centric approach can be defined as a business strategy adopted with the aim of putting the needs and concerns of the clients first before thinking of profitability. This is usually followed by leaving no stone unturned in enhancing the customer experience right from the word “go” for building long-term business relationships.

In other words, in such a strategy, owners focus more on clients rather than products/services and make sure that the clients are always at the center of their firm’s ideas, operations, or philosophies.

Understanding a Law Firm’s Business Model

Like every business, a law firm is strongly dependent on its customers as it is the direct and most valuable source of income for them. The more the number of clients a law firm has, the more is the revenue generated at the end of the year.

Apart from this, every effort is put when it comes to cutting costs and increasing the profit margin. One example of this can be opting for legal outsourcing services for managing back-office work against hiring full-time employees who must be given every benefit.

When it comes to acquiring clients, referrals are one of the best techniques used, be it a referral from a client’s end or from some other attorney. Apart from this, law firms have realized the importance of digital transformation and are investing heavily in websites, seo, email marketing, social media marketing, etc., for acquiring and retaining clients.

Top Client-Focused Law Firm Strategies

Communicate Regularly, Thoughtfully

One of the best techniques to retain clients and show them that you care for them is to communicate with them on a regular basis and that too, in a strategic and thoughtful manner. For this, start segmenting your list for mailing and evaluate engagement/open rates. You must not follow the ‘one-size-fits-all’ strategy while communicating with clients.

Rather, make use of social media analytics and marketing software to deliver personalized communications that resolve their concerns at the earliest. In other words, try to think from the point of view of a client as to what exactly he must be wanting or feeling concerning his legal problems or your services.

Understand Every Aspect of Your Client’s Case

Stay updated with the recent stuff in the life of your client, especially the ones that are directly related to the legal case. Assure them of the best results irrespective of whatever changes occur in the case. Make use of the Google Alerts and set up the same for your clients to let them know of every single milestone achieved during the case.

Also, share some relevant articles to the case with clients that help boost their faith in your services. Such a proactive and dedicated approach will help you establish yourself as a concerned and trusted legal service provider.

Leverage Technology to Enhance Communication

In the present technological times, one should leave no chance of enhancing any service or human interaction. However, make sure that technology aids communication and does not replace it completely as nothing can replace human involvement. Install an easy-to-use chat function on your app or website, allowing clients to interact with you easily. Also, use automation bots that can provide instant answers to client queries.

There are many firms that are using e-signature technology to speed up the documentation process, enhancing client convenience eventually. Apart from this, every process of your law firm must be streamlined using the latest technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc., so that you get in a position for faster, better, and accurate deliveries.

Don’t Just Tell but Show!

Just as we discussed above that you need to communicate regularly to assure clients of favorable results. However, merely doing so will make them lose their trust in you in the long run. So, do not just simply talk but show them every possible progress you can. Share some newsletters with to-the-point and engaging subject lines that clearly indicate your specialization in that particular case type.

Also, provide them with your previous success stories shared by clients on similar cases, leading to complete faith establishment in your potential as a law firm.

Offer Flexible Pricing Options

This is more of a psychological thing with clients that they wish to feel that they are the only clients of your law firm. Yes, you need to make them feel exactly the same irrespective of how many clients you are dealing with at the same time. Try offering them flexible pricing options: fixed, hourly, capped/blended rate, and more.

After you provide them with such different options, the value of your law firm will manifest in their eyes, making them satisfied and loyal to you in the long run.

Stop the Guessing Game

Never play the guessing game with your clients, and do not just leave them wondering regarding anything! Provide them with every information to their case, especially knowledge about the people like paralegals, associates, partners, etc., working on their case. To make things even better, try sharing the biodata of every person involved in the case, including their photos, law school information, and more.

When you email this branded PDF information to your clients, they will know exactly how much you care for them and are willing to go that extra mile to win the case.

Ask for Feedbacks

There is always room for improvements, so rather than continuing with things that are not going well with your clients, ask them for feedback on almost everything. This is the best way to understand the main pain point of the clients and provide them with solutions and services they need and desire.

Train your attorneys and paralegals to ask the right questions to the clients at every step of the case so that you do not leave any stone unturned when it comes to providing them with unmatched legal services.


It is not easy obviously, to make a sudden shift in your approach as a law firm but becoming client-centric is actually what is going to make you succeed in the long run. The sooner a law firm adopts the strategies mentioned above or alike, the better it will be for its sustenance, growth, and profitability.

Law firms must not forget that clients have become a lot aware now, and they want them to be as transparent as possible. So, in short, honesty is what will work in your favor in trying to become a client-centric law firm.


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