Things to Remember When Stopped For DUI

So, you have been stopped and pulled up by the cops, just when you are coming back from that long time get together with your college friends. Although it is quite human to indulge into a little alcohol at a college or school reunion with your long lost buddies, if you are caught and held back on account of DUI, the ramifications of the decision could really be a source of trouble for you. Driving Under Influence (DUI) is one of the most frequently occurring cases in the United States. Almost every day a DUI case is witnessed by the police and this practically becomes very difficult for the people living there as driving their own vehicle is more cost effective than hiring a taxi! Here is what you could do when encountered by such a situation.

– Do As Instructed

The officer standing on the road is probably there because he knows his job well, so do not try to outsmart him by not abiding by his instructions. While it is essential that you do not blindly follow the instructions of the police, please make sure that you are not having your own set of rules as to what you will or will not do with the police. Such an attitude could offend the officer and could also make you commit a mistake out of ignorance.

– Do Not Chatter

When we are nervous or scared inside, we tend to chatter mindlessly either to hide our fear or anxiety or because we lose our calm and sensibility out of panic in such situations. However, it is highly recommended that you stay silent, calmly cooperate with the officer who has stopped you and be composed. Never ever let him know where you are coming from (especially when you went on a date, at a party or a glamorous event) because then the police would assume that you are intoxicated for sure. Needless rambling at times put you into hot water as you leak out the facts which are supposed to stay hidden form the police.

– Avoid Becoming Aggressive

This is a very common reaction when pulled up for DUI. However, aggression with the officers would only result in offending them, and make them behave in an even harsher manner with you. So if you do not wish to complicate the matter further, stay calm and keep your temper in check. There is no need to blow things out of proportion just because your ego has been bruised.

– Do Not Give Verbal Acceptance

No matter how much the police press you to answer about certain facts, always be passive unless you know what to do or say during the interrogation. At times, it is quite possible that the police officers have made their own opinion about you and are giving you a hard time simply out of a grudge.

– Do Not Give A Stealthy Impression

If you are experiencing low confidence and embarrassment it is quite natural that your behavior turns suspicious and you give out an impression as if you are hiding something from them. So, even if you are not guilty, your actions shout “I am guilty and I am dead scared that you are going to find this out!”.So it would just be like giving a confirmation to his doubts.

– Remain Inside

You do not have to jump out of your car or simply rush outside as soon as the officer stops you. Over enthusiasm or over aggression both could prove to be perilous in such situations. Again, it is being emphasized that wait for the cop to begin with his proceedings and you will get to know if you have to come out or stay inside. Sometimes situations could be dealt with smartly.

– The BAC Test

The BAC test usually is the stamp to prove whether you are under the influence of any intoxicant or not and nothing could surpass its reports. However, be very careful when you decide to give the test. If you are heavily drunk or have consumed any other intoxicant then it is for sure that the BAC machine would find this out. So, try and avoid the test gently as long as you can. And if you are only slightly drunk, try to eat mouth fresheners or any other mild trick to back up your innocence.

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