The role of a skilled family lawyer in Sydney, Australia

The day we get married can be the happiest day of our lives. However, with the changing times, it is always better to be pragmatic and be ready for any scenario which might befall us sometime down the road.

For example, statistical data collected in 2013 has shown that over 80% of all couples who end up parting ways wished that they had signed a ‘prenuptial agreement’ beforehand. In such cases a good family lawyer can be of much use and can provide us with advice that not only saves us future emotional stress, but also allows us to plan our lives out in a systematic and orderly fashion.

In a similar vein, there have been many studies done in the past where it has been shown that over 57% of all marriages go through dire phases where at least one partner feels the need to separate from the other.

In 2015, some of the most prominent family lawyers in Sydney disclosed the fact that 64% of their clients were women who had availed of their services due to a number of domestic abuse related reasons.

Such alarming statistics reveal why professional help can be very beneficial in certain times of needs. Listed below are some of the reasons where family lawyers can really help us out.

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Property Division: many a time, issues of property distribution can become quite serious when a couple is splitting up. Matters can become even more complicated when there is expensive real estate involved in the case.

In such instances, it is highly advisable that professional help be sought, as individuals trying to figure these matters out on their own might get burnt out due to all of the stress involved in such complex court proceedings.

Custody of Children: this is perhaps one of the most important features of family law. Whenever there is a child involved in any case, things are bound to become extremely volatile.

Even some of the best family lawyers in Sydney have difficulty traversing such grounds because parents can have unforeseen reactions when dealing with matters of their visitation and custody rights.

In fact in the Sydney region alone, there were increased cases of threats and violence in rulings where one parent was given substantially lower visitation rights than the other.

Divorce Proceedings: this is the most common case wherein the use of a family lawyer is invoked. Often after months or years of trying, many couples feel the need to separate as things are no longer working out or are feasible for them.

Herein a good family lawyer can help them go through such a tender matter, professionally and efficiently. Not only does a skilled lawyer provide legal support, but they can also be a source of comfort and ease in such stressful times.

Alimony: this controversial subject often requires the expertise of some of the best legal minds in the business. This is because many men have been found to feel that the agreed sum to be paid is either unfair or is highly inflated.

Also, in some cases there have been reported instances where a man has not paid the full amount agreed upon, thereby creating differences and disputes at a later stage.

Child Support: another key area of family law which is quite delicate is that of child support payments and fees. According to statistical studies done in Sydney and Melbourne, over 68% of all men failed to provide adequate child support after 4-7 years of separation.

This was also found to be the case in most countries, especially in the United States where over 80% of all men failed to pay monthly child fee on time.

Other specialised cases where family lawyers are can be of help.

  • Adoption: when all natural means of conception have been exhausted or in cases where a couple is clear about their choices, adoption can be a very sensible option. To go through with such proceedings it is recommended that one make use of the best family lawyer available in Sydney, as many times there are countless judicial formalities that might be hard for us to wrap our heads around.
  • Juvenile Delinquency: another area which is very delicate is that of children being involved in unlawful activities. In such cases parents can utilise the legal system to help their children escape unwarranted punishment.
  • Domestic Violence: over 44% of all women who have stayed in relationships longer than 10 years in length have reported being subjected to some sort of domestic abuse (be it mental or physical). In such instances one should avail of the best family lawyer that they can find.

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