Strategies for Murder Defence

Everyone is familiar with the word murder. Due to the popularity of different crime shows, this has become a commonly used word. However, if you ask the general people about the definition of murder, most may admit ignorance. Murder refers to unlawful taking life of a human being. Unlike US, there is no definition of first degree or second degree murder in the UK. If you are arrested for killing, you will be tried for either murder or manslaughter.

Sentence for Murder

What may befall upon you? If the police officers find that the killing has been premeditated and they find motive, they will press for a guilty verdict. If you are convicted, you may go to jail for you life. However, this sentence will be valid, only when the accused is over the age of twenty one. This is a complicated section and only an experienced solicitor will be able to help you understand the matter.

Need for Legal Assistance

You need legal assistance to reduce sentence. This is not something that you will be able to handle all by yourself. Make sure to hire a competent solicitor experienced in litigation for defence. To prepare a solid defence you need to have in-depth knowledge of law and experience in providing criminal defence.

Strategies for Murder Defence

When it comes to providing defence to a murder case, the strategy falls into two different categories. One strategy claims that the defendant did not commit the crime and the solicitor tried to find solid evidence to establish this theory. Another strategy admits that the defendant has committed the crime. However, the defendant has got valid reason to do so. To justify killing someone the solicitor requires knowledge and experience. Without either one of these, you may not be to deal with the matter.

Different Defence Strategies

This is a common defence strategy. In most of the criminal cases, the defendants claim that the police officers have arrested the wrong person. In this case, alibi comes handy. If the defendant can prove that he/she has been somewhere else at the time of murder, the lawsuit gets dropped. Sometimes the defence counsel challenges the evidence that has been presented to convict the defendant. Challenging the witnesses is another strategy.

Justified murder is another defence. However, justifying taking life of someone is not easy. There are times when killing becomes the part of the duty. Killing opposition on the battle field is performing duty. This is justified homicide. Otherwise, the defendant needs to establish that the killing had been necessary.

Defence counsel claim self defence to justify the killing. However, for this the solicitor requires to establish that the defendant had fear of death. If the defence counsel can establish that the killing had been necessary to protect another human life, the charge may get dropped.

Last Minute Tips

Each lawsuit is different and therefore every lawsuit requires different strategy. It is due to this, you need to hire an established solicitor to deal with your lawsuit. Before, you hire someone make sure to do your research about the qualification and track record of the solicitor.

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