Steps to Apply for Police Clearance Certificate In Abroad

Various countries, especially US, UK, Australia, and China, have become dead-serious about vulnerability to terrorist attacks and other forms of attacks. They don’t want to put the security of their countrymen at stake. Most probably, it’s the primary reason to draft some exclusive immigration plans. By implementing them stringently, they safeguard the rights and lives of the natives.

Police clearance certificate

Police clearance certificate helps identify the vulnerability of a person. If it states so, the immigration authority can reject such applicants and prohibit their entry.

Anyhow, there are certain norms that let the people with criminal background come in. The United Kingdom presents its ideal example. It has set up norms which state that the person who was convicted can emigrate provided that it has been 10 years after getting free from the jail.

On the contrary, the US government also denies entry of such applicants who were convicted for drug possession. But the person with ‘Driving Under Influence’ can get a visa to travel across the USA.

In the nutshell, it’s the lawful statement issued by the competent authority, like the regional commissioner of police and consulate office. The entire criminal record and the type of crime are mentioned in it, if there is any.

When do you require PCC from India?

You are required to apply for PCC if you need:

  • a passport
  • a visa
  • a job

The withdrawal of this certificate depends on the date of issuance of the passport. If it has been more than 6 months, the applicant has to apply in the nearest police station as well as the PSK branch. But if the passport is obtained within 6 months, then only consulate office should be visited for seeking it.

The applicant’s age is also considered in this matter. The applicant short to 16 years by age would not get verification from the police authority. Conversely, the older ones have to seek it.

How long is it valid?

This certificate is valid for one year. Subsequently, a new one is obtained. But this time, the consulate office in the respective country can help in withdrawing this certificate. Visa application under non-immigrant and immigrant must be enclosed with this certificate.

Drill in your head that the adjustment of status for procuring green card of the US will not require this police verification proof.

How can you apply for PCC online in abroad?

Here I’m specifically mentioning the procedure of getting this certificate in the US.

  1. Application form: You can apply for it online or offline. For online application, you need to download Form No.2 to fill the miscellaneous information of the applicant. But if possible, you can visit the Indian embassy abroad to seek it. Any reliable third party can also complete this NRI service for you. You definitely have to pay service charges.
  2. Application fee: However, the competent authority charges INR 300 currently. But the charges can vary as per revision of the immigration charges. The payment can be done in cash or as a draft. Don’t forget to mention name and DoB at the back of the draft.
  3. Required documents: The list of documents is below:
  • Valid passport
  • Residential proof
  • Change of resident’s proof
  • Rental agreement (if any)
  1. Processing time: It depends on the authority of various countries. But usually, the processing time of PCC is a week or more.

What does the format of PCC showcase?

  • Header: It generally states the name of issuing authority at the top with its designation and region. It reads:

Government of India

Ministry of External Affairs

Passport office, N.Delhi

Applicant’s name & Address with date”

  • Body: (Name of the applicant) S/o, D/o, W/o (father/guardian/spouse name), the holder of passport no.(passport number) issued on (date & place of issuance) find him eligible for granting travel facility to the US.
  • Footer: Signature of the competent authority is inked here with the name of the place.

If you have any questions, please ask below!