Should I Get a Specialist Immigration Solicitor to Help Me Immigrate to the UK?

1274960043_96385754_1-pictures-of-uk-immigration-bureau-watford-london-best-immigration-advice-and-services-1274960043If you are looking to emigrate to the UK, it's worth considering hiring a specialist immigration solicitor to help with the process. Depending on your personal situation, an immigration solicitor can help to resolve any disputes that may occur over asylum or issuing a visa, and can also help with different Tiers of immigration; this ranges from highly skilled Tier 1 to temporary visas for Tier 5 youth mobility and temporary workers. In addition, immigration solicitors can be a great help if you're planning to move your business to the UK.

Solicitors can help in the case of an asylum claim, although most will not do so on a pro bono basis-others will be able to provide advice, and help you to draw up paperwork for any tribunal. This may be the case if you are suffering problems as the result of missed paperwork, or a deadline that's passed. In terms of working through different immigration tiers, highly skilled workers and entrepreneurs are covered by Tiers 1 and 2.

For Tier 1, you may be a successful business person that wants to live and work in the UK as an entrepreneur, or invest money into the economy. Permits can be picked up for 3 years, but are dependent on you having either £200,000 in capital, in the case of starting a business, or £1 million to invest. These Tier 1 visas are also limited to any individuals that are considered to have unique talents, which might include academics or sportspeople.

Immigration solicitors can also work with businesses that need to sponsor Tier 2 skilled workers to come to the UK from outside the European Economic Area; this process involves getting a sponsorship claim and a certificate for an employee before they move, and can take time-solicitors can make sure that the process goes as quickly as possible, and that no mistakes occur as the result of oversights.

Other areas where specialist immigration solicitors can help include resolving any disputes for students, or Tier 4 immigrants; this might be as the result of getting the right paperwork to the UK Border Agency, or helping out if there are disputes over language or funds. There may also be cases where a solicitor can represent a student if their course or college is forced to close at short notice. Similar advice can also be given for anyone that's covered by Tier 5 Youth Mobility and Temporary Working schemes-in this context, 12 month visas can be potentially extended or shifted to a new visa for a course.

In addition, immigration solicitors can assist retired people of independent means that have at least £25,000 of annual income; although new applications for this category have now been closed, existing residents can apply for indefinite leave, or can dispute a change in their circumstances. Returning residents that want to take up indefinite leave within the UK may also need to seek advice from immigration solicitors, and particularly if their tax or income circumstances have changed since their last stay.

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