Questions You Should Ask a Solicitor Before You Contract their Services

When you find yourself in need of a solicitor, it's a good idea to interview a few before you decide whose services to contract for your specific litigation needs. You'll need to find one that you trust, one that is respected in their field of law, and one that has the qualifications and experience necessary to help you achieve the settlement that you need to resume your quality of life. Let's take a look at some of the questions that you should ask a solicitor before you make a final decision about who to hire.


  1. You should first enquire about their experience in the area of law under which your litigation will fall. They should be comfortable working in this discipline and be able to carry out your wishes in a professional and confident manner.
  2. It's wise to ask them if they have worked on cases like yours before; knowing that they are well-versed in laws pertaining to your case can provide you with peace of mind in the midst of chaos and concern.
  3. You will want to know how they charge, any additional fees that can occur, and if VAT applies to their services for you. Be sure to ask if they have fixed fees or if fees will be charged to your claim as a percentage. You may want to ask them if they can provide you with a no fee arrangement if they don't win your litigation; it's always worth the effort to ask if your solicitor can work under these arrangements for you.
  4. Next, you should discuss how you and the solicitor will keep in touch and how they will communicate strategies and developments in the case to you. Let them know how you prefer to be contacted and determine if they can use the same format for messages; no matter if you use telephone, texts, email, or letter it's important that you remain informed about the progress of your case at every step of the process.
  5. You will also want to ask about visiting their office and how often these visits will be required. Many times a personal meeting can accomplish the best work between you and your solicitor. You'll need a professional team that is prepared to work diligently on your behalf; in order to find a reputable agency you may want to visit so that you can review their policies, the qualifications of the team members, and the types of cases in which they have experience. Partnering with the right team of solicitors is paramount to the personal satisfaction that you'll have with the results of your litigation.

In order to obtain the results that you want for your specific case it's imperative that you interview a few solicitors, ascertain their skills and talents, and choose the one that you feel can meet and exceed your needs. With their professional assistance, you can achieve the goals that you have set in order to return your life to a more normal routine.

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