Picking The Right Defense Lawyer For Your Assault Case

criminal lawAre you being accused of something you didn’t do? Maybe you happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. This is a situation that is all too common in the justice system of the present day. The only way to prevent yourself from being sent to jail innocent is to hire a lawyer who can defend you properly. There are many different lawyers in a single area. Some of them are specialists in certain fields, such as Mass Tsang Criminal Lawyers, a firm of criminal defense attorneys. For the most part, all lawyers are quite competent in their practice of the art. Criminal law is an exciting field compared to the other types. If you are looking for a lawyer who can truly get you out of a sticky situation, you may want to look for certain attributes that will set the good ones apart.

Look for regulars

A lawyer who has a record of defending criminal cases in courts on a regular basis is a good choice. This is because such an attorney will be familiar with the proceedings within a circuit court as well as how to play their cards to your advantage. A regular practitioner will also know the little tips and tricks that will allow you to get off with no more than a slap on the wrist, if you are lucky. When you are in the area of Ottawa or Toronto, assault lawyers and other criminal defense attorneys are the only thing standing between you and a disapproving jury. A regular face in court will instill trust in the minds of your peers, allowing you to have a fairer trial.

No judgement

A good defense attorney is someone who won’t judge you or doubt you. There can be absolutely no doubt in their mind as to your innocence. This will allow them to be far more determined in getting you out of the hot water that you are in. It means that they will do everything possible to help you out by putting down every line of defense that they can. Of course, you have to look for someone who can do this without letting it get to their heads; professionalism is crucial to a successful delivery. Continue reading here.


A good lawyer will be completely and brutally honest with you, no matter who you are. This means that if you have a defense planned out, or if your case is up for review, they should be gutsy enough to tell you exactly what could go wrong. You need to know your legal weaknesses and fix them. The only way you can do this is if your lawyer is honest. If a case looks open and shut, you lawyer needs to be able to advise you to consider a plea bargain so that you can get less prison time.

An unbiased, honest regular at courts is pretty hard to find, even among the many lawyers the world has today. However, if you do happen to stumble across a real life Perry Mason, make sure you hang on to them. They are the ones that will get you out of the situations from which there seems to be no escape at all.

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