Live to Tell the Tale When Animals Turn Bad

dog and ownerDogs can become man's best friend. However, dogs will always be dogs and there will come a time when they turn evil and bad. Dog bite law varies from one state, city and county to another. It is a combination of the county and city ordinances and the state case and statutory law. It is important to know the basics, the rules and what should be done in order to survive an unexpected incident happen such as dog bit and other vicious animal attacks.

As a general rule, the law rewards a monetary compensation to the victim. In most cases, the owner is held liable and responsible for the actions of his pet. Say for owners of dangerous animals, he has to put a visible warning sign to inform the public to be cautious of his pet. He has to have the full knowledge on the law otherwise; he may be subject to imprisonment, fine, conditions if the owner decides to retain the dog or worst, animal control laws have the right to put the animal to sleep or euthanasia. Whenever attacks happen, he has to take responsibility on the damages that has caused. This is considered as a punishment for the owner meanwhile, the law adds on some remedies for the dog itself.

Negligence is the right term. A negligent owner or handler may result to injuries. Victims of dog bite and other animal attacks may contact or refer to a lawyer to be protected and be represented upon proceedings. Experienced lawyer know what to do and will do everything to have their client rewarded with the rightful compensation to cover on the damages that was caused.

The law focuses on the liability and the remedy. The liability is not limited to the medical expenses from the injury; additional compensation would cover some property damages and other subjects to the case and incident. In addition, there will be an added compensation to the victim when the dog has previously bitten someone.

The owner cannot simply ignore the report or the case filed. He cannot avoid that he has to obey the laws, act reasonable, and that he knows the capability of his dog to bite a person. Liabilities depend on the owner of the dog or animal.

Once conditions are met, the victim may be rewarded with the expenses on the medical treatment which includes the first aid, hospital, ambulance and emergency room. Also, dog bites leave scars, future medical treatment to remove these from the victim are subject for the compensation to be received from the owner. In order to overcome the emotional trauma from the accident, it is the owner's liability to cover on the psychological counseling. In some serious cases when the victim lost his job because of the injury from the nightmares of the animal attack, the owner must take responsibility on the loss of income. Not to mention the torn clothes or broken glasses, these damages has to be covered by the owner of the dog or animal.

In order to protect for the victim's legal right. Although lawyers may be present to assist the victims, he has to have facts to prove and worthy of the claim being filed against. Yes, injuries can prove that the accident happened; this is still to be proven to the insurance adjuster. This may take weeks to a month after the attack or incident. Ensure to have complete information from the dog owner and legal medical documents from the doctor treating the injury. The doctor has to put into writing all the facts with regard to the injury. It is important to inform the personal injury lawyer the details such as the personal information of the owner of the dog. If possible, secure the dog license. Experienced lawyers know how to handle on these cases.

Joanna Watson is a full writer for Dolan Law, a firm located in Miami, Florida. It was founded by Atty. Dan D. Dolan II, a personal injury lawyer.

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