Keeping Your Driving Record Clean Is Crucial

Keeping your driving record clean is important for many reasons; it saves you money, proves you're a trustworthy and responsible person, and gives you a good name for yourself within the community. Put it this way, if law enforcement, attorneys and government officials know who you are because of your poor driving record, then there are two solutions; you quit driving or you play by the rules. Then again, maybe you're innocent. If that's the case, a third option is to contact an attorney to defend your innocence.


Driving is a privilege and a luxury. A clean driving record is a good sign that you care about this privilege and want to continue to drive. Even if you're innocent, you should defend that privilege. In this instance, it's more than just your driving privileges and fines on the line, but your reputation, as well. If you take heed of the following advice, you'll find that keeping your driving record clean is crucial…even if that means fighting to keep it clean.

Reasons to Keep It Clean

Points are assessed against your license when you receive moving violations, such as speeding. If you receive too many points within a certain time frame, you will lose your license. As your points increase, you will also receive fewer leniencies in any future violations. Additionally, insurance companies often increase your insurance premiums in the case of too many points on your license.

When in Doubt, Contact an Attorney

An attorney will meet with you to review the facts of your case and will review the evidence the prosecution has against you. The burden of proving a violation is on the prosecution. You have certain rights that law enforcement cannot violate and if these rights are violated an attorney can help you point it out to the judge and suppress any unlawfully obtained evidence. Additionally, attorneys can work with prosecutors to attempt to negotiate any offers or pleas in your case to preserve your criminal record, or lack thereof, to the highest degree possible, taking into consideration your qualities as an individual. If this proves impossible, the attorney can help you present your qualities to a judge and seek leniency from the court on whether or not the case is presented through a trial or a plea.

Common Driving Offenses

The most common driving offenses we see are speeding, operating a motor vehicle in a careless and reckless manner, operating a motor vehicle without a valid license, and driving while intoxicated. A typical price range for tickets such as these range from $100.00 to $2,500.00 depending on the charges, prior driving convictions, whether they are city or county tickets, where the case is located and other factors. To obtain a quote for representation on any of these matters, simply call an attorney.

Lawyer Success Rates

Reliable, honest, dedicated and knowledgeable lawyers are almost always able to successfully represent their clients. They can help them assert their civil rights through a suppression hearing or a trial, or help them admit their wrongs in a manner that helps them obtain the best result possible in the situation based on the individual facts of their case and their individual qualities.

Whether or not you're guilty of a violation, an attorney can alleviate your situation. In either case, an attorney can help you keep your driving record clean and reduce the points on your record through a successful representation. At the same time, a clean record is a great way to represent you a good driver and a responsible citizen.

Written by Kellie Bertels. Kellie is a partner with the Jefferson City law firm, Bandré Hunt & Snider, LLC.

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