Is There any Difference Between the Semi Truck Accident Lawyer and Normal Motor Accident Lawyer?

Motor Accident Lawyer

What do you think about a private car and a commercial truck? Can you notice any difference between the two?

Cars and other standard automobiles are not as massive as huge trucks carrying cargos from one place to another. Thus, the accidents caused by the trucks also differentiate without any doubt. If you by any unfortunate chance become the victim of the truck collision, you must approach a specialized lawyer for getting justice.

You may ask that how can lawyers be unalike in case of an ordinary motor accident and colossal truck accident as both runs through wheels.

Here is the answer:

The most important aspect is the insurance policy. Due to the enlarged size, nature and the state wise movements of the large commercial trucks, the insurance policy is at least 50 times more than a typical vehicle.

The damage caused by the trucks is higher than that of cars and other automobiles. Usually, an insurance policy is worth millions, and the tendency of the trucking companies and their insurance carriers is to dodge the compensation by looking for a way out of any answerability.

The trucking organization approaches the most experienced insurance adjusters in the opposition of the victim and his/her people. The formers commission complex protocols for decreasing their clients’ responsibility and increasing the condemnation on the injured parties. If they achieve success in the regard, they immediately deny the ascribed claim.

Ascribed Claim

They also may offer the victim a large sum of money in the very beginning of the case for distracting him/her from the real amount that is much higher.

Tangled truck catastrophe cases require the involvement of an experienced lawyer. He/she understands the underlying tactics that are apprenticed by the insurance agencies. He/she has the profound knowledge of the regulations that the truckers must follow and how the insurance policy executes.

Many times the victim party is thoroughly fooled by the greed of a lumpsum amount offered by the wrongdoers. Only the truck accident lawyers can save the injured ones tactfully, while regular car wreck attorneys can’t do it.

Semi-trucks with trailers can weigh around 80,000 pounds. Thus, it’s easy to comprehend that if anything comes in their path, it can cause the fatal crash and severe damage. With accountability of the enormous destruction, the victims required a legal practitioner who is experienced in the truck wreck cases and won most of them.

Then, the difference in regulations of commercial trucks and other vehicles urge the need for specialized lawyers. The lorries are the interstate carriers mostly for commercial purposes. The trucking companies and the truck drivers are bound to register under the surveillance of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the Department of Transportation. The trucking agencies are regulated by more regulations than a standard passenger vehicle due to the interstate temperament.

Here is the sum up of the regulations:

  • Truck maintenance
  • Driver’s qualification
  • Driver’s license
  • Logbooks
  • Annual inspection

The more the rules will add, the higher the possibility of receiving the rightful compensation.

On the other hand, the passenger wheels don’t have to follow the same rules.

The chances of demise are more in truck accidents. The obvious reasons are the height, size and weight. According to the report of FMCSA, the large truck insisted crashes are responsible for around 3000 – 5000 deaths every year. The common scenes have proved that the commercial trucks trigger more number of deaths than the collision between two small passenger cars. You have to speak with personal injury lawyer prior to filing any litigation. The financial burden accompanies the grief and shock of the death and the prospective losses related to it.

The medical bills are like nuclear bombs enough to put a family under monumental debt and diminution of the whole property. But if any dear one encounter critical injury, and there is a little chance of him/her to survive if received proper treatment, the other members try their best to save the victim’s life even in the cost of every bit of their possession. Truck accidents means longer stays in the hospitals, more number of extensive tests and high priced medical cares and surgeries, more extended time out of the work, permanent injury and impairment, deep scars, traumas, shocks, depression, exhaustion, loss of quality life, disability, etc. In fact, in many cases the injured person can’t join their profession immediately after being released from the hospital as there is much more to do after the primary treatment like physiotherapies, drying of wounds and stitches, gaining of mental equilibrium. There have been incidents of truck-related cases where the victim couldn’t join work for the rest of is/her life due to the loss of multiple organs and ability to perform physical activities on his/her own. The mental suffering followed by the truck accident is much higher than the smaller car crash.

Only a potent and highly experienced attorney who is an expert in dealing with trucking misadventure cases can calculate the accurate present and the future costs and will look after it efficiently to secure you the considerable amount.

Truck accident lawyers know the exact route and the twists of the culprits and the possible answer of the criticality. Whereas, regular lawyers dealing with standard automobiles may not get the right procedure to win the truck wreck case.

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