Impact of Presumptive Conditions as a Result of Military Service

Being a member of the military is an ultimate service that someone can provide for their country. While this can be a great way to help serve your country, there are always risks that come with military service. While many of these risks take place while you are in active service, there can continue to be effects long after you have left. Some former military members may become ill or disabled due to being around certain chemicals and other hazards during their time in service. In these cases, a disability or illness could be considered a presumptive condition by the VA.

What is a presumptive condition?

In general, a presumptive condition is a defined term by the VA when someone becomes ill or disabled due to the impact of their time spent in the military. These conditions could be considered presumptive conditions if you were a military member or a family member that was also living in or around certain health hazards. Generally, this type of condition is one that is clearly presumed to have caused the ailment as opposed to having to prove that your illness was a result of your military service.

Examples of presumptive conditions

There are various examples that could be considered presumptive conditions. Some health hazards and ailments that could be considered by a presumptive condition can include certain forms of cancer, arthritis, type-2 diabetes, and various other ailments. All of these hazards and conditions will typically stem from known hazards that took place while someone was in the military.

Compensation Available

If you have become ill or disabled and it is covered by a presumptive condition, you should qualify for non-taxable compensation. The amount of compensation that is available from the VA will vary based on a variety of factors. It will take into consideration the level of care that you need, your current and past medical bills, and if you are no longer able to work.

How to Qualify for Benefits

If you have been injured, ill, or disabled due to your service in the military, you should qualify for support from the VA moving forward. For a presumptive condition, you will likely have a common ailment that is shared by other people and former military members that were in the military at the same time and location. It is important to speak with the VA’s medical team about your conditions and go through the correct processof applying for compensation.

If you believe that you have been injured or become ill due to your service as an active military member, it would be a good idea to see this site to learn more. In these situations, it would always be a good idea to hire legal support and representation. An attorney that is familiar with presumptive conditions and this type of law will know all that goes into one of these claims. They can then provide you with a full consultation on your case and then offer any support that you need to file a claim. They can then ensure you are appropriately compensated, provide support with any deliberations, and even handle any necessary appeals.

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