How to Get Passport for Immigration from USA to India?

f4tgfrtgwrThe non-residents of India can apply for the passport of India. However, India does not allow for dual citizenship. But the concept of OCI & PIO was drafted to fulfil such kind of need.

Many times, non-residents fly down to their home. They desire to stay connected with their relatives and cultural heritage. Such desire often attracts them. Every year, 85,000 Indians settle there for studying, research or employment.

What if their willingness prompts them to visit their home town again? What if they want to nurture their children in the Indian culture & tradition? Obviously, they have to send their ward to India. It would not as tough as seeking tips for green card interview to settle in the US. You would need a passport which is a necessity.

So, here are the steps to help all those emigrants who want to apply for the passport:

  1. The NRIs should create a login to get registered with the passport authority in India online. To fulfil this purpose, they must visit this site It will be a registration gateway.
  2. What all you need to do is to choose the USA as Indian Mission.
  3. Then, select ‘Fresh passport’ as the service desired from the drop down menu.
  4. Thereafter, you need to mention the surname. It should be 35 characters long.
  5. Then, mention the name which should be maximum 40 characters long at least.
  6. Once you are done with the online registration, go for Application Information.
  7. You have to provide the sex, date of birth, place of birth, district/country, qualification, profession, visible mark, height, colour of eyes and colour of hair.
  8. The last requirement that you need to fulfill is the address details. As you provide the address, you will get the Temporary Application ID. (It would be a combination of alphanumeric characters).

Always keep in mind that you need to mention your address in India. It is so because the very same address will be printed on the passport.

Alongside, you have to mention the address of the USA residence in the ‘other address’ field.

  1. If you have any email address, input it besides your mobile phone number.
  2. Those who want to renew the old one they should check the box that requires previous passport details.
  3. Under ‘File Number’, you should mention the last page of your most recent passport. It may be possible that you may not have it. In this case, you can ask for an expedite passport renewal or you can come out of this trouble by putting any four numbers in the application available online.
  4. Subsequent to filling all information, you need to save it. So, click ‘save & print’ on the form.

Bear in mind that the field marked with * need to be mandatorily filled. The format of this application can be changed at any time. So, you need to comply with the guidelines in the application form.

After saving & printing, a dialog box will pop up on the screen. It is just for the confirmation of the appointment. Actually, you must confirm the date and time of your availability for the further processing. Therefore hit ‘Confirm the Appointment’ tab. You don’t require enclose the supporting document. Neither do you require attestation of the certificates that you’re going to show in support. Do recall that birth certificate, residential proof and many others should be valid. If you don’t have you can apply for the birth certificate online, non-availability of birth or any other proof.

Take out a soft copy of the duly filled form. Check whether or not all the pages are printed. Always keep in the mind that all information should be written in the bold and capital letters.

The printed application form needs inking with your signature as well as thumb impression. The signature and impression should not leak the box. While signing in the box, you must follow these guidelines:

  • Sometimes, parent sign on behalf of the minors. But they must discard this idea. The authority of passport doesn’t approve it. Therefore, the minors must put their signature in the box meant for signature. Only minor’s signature would be acceptable.
  • The signature as well as thumb impression must not spill out of the box.
  • The ink that you have to use should be blue. The use of any other ink is prohibited.
  • The application form requires left thumb impression of the male and right thumb impression of the female.
  • Use black or blue colour ball-point pen. This would make the signature clearly visible.
  • You must affix the recently clicked photographs. Its size should be 2”X2”. The face in that picture should be clearly visible and it should occupy 75% of the space in it.
  • It is mandatory to put the sign of the ward’s parents at Para 28 in the application form, if the form is filled on behalf of any minor.
  • If the parents are separated or divorced, its reason should be clearly mentioned in the form. And the supporting document should also be attached.

As said above, the government can revise the format of the form at any point of time. Therefore, be flexible to follow the guidelines mentioned in the application form.

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