How To Get a Concealed Weapons License in Florida

concealed-weapon-permitI don’t know about you, but I would much rather be safe than sorry. This is why I have taken the necessary steps to go out and get my concealed weapons license in the state of Florida. With all the crimes that are happening today you never really know when something may happen to you. Home burglaries, car break ins, and murders are at all-time highs in certain areas of the state so in my personal opinion it is important to have protection in the instance something unfortunate does happen to you. Hopefully you never have to use a weapon on someone, but if you see someone approaching your vehicle and trying to rob you, it will definitely help to have one to protect yourself and family.

First Things First

Before going out and applying to get your concealed weapons license it is suggested you get comfortable handling a gun and that you also understand the basics about firearms. The first step you will need to take in getting your license is going and taking a certification class to prove that you are able to use a firearm in a safe manner. Also it is important to learn all about what you can and cannot do while possessing a concealed weapons license in Florida. Most local gun shops will offer these classes for around $100 to $150 dollars.

Once you have taken the class you will need to go get finger printed at your local police station or court house. Next you will need to get a passport, and then finally you will need to fill out an application for your license along with sending a check for $117 to the Florida Department of Agriculture. If you want to go for the cheaper route and get everything done at the same place then you may want to consider waiting to attend the next gun show in your location. Most gun shows offer a package which will run you $49 dollars for the class, a $5 range fee, and then $14 dollars to get fingerprinted and your passport pictures. All you have to do after that is mail the $117 dollar check to the Florida Department of Agriculture.


Waiting Game

After going through all the steps stated above all you have left to do now is wait. It normally takes about a month to receive your license but it can take up to two months depending how busy the department is. Once you receive your license you will need to once again review what is acceptable and not acceptable to do while carrying your firearm. The good part about having your concealed permit as well is that you do not have to wait three days to buy a pistol; you can just go into a store, purchase it and then walk out with the weapon. This three day waiting period was designed to cool down people who may be buying a gun out of anger or retaliation and gives them time to calm down.

Closing Thoughts

Once you have your concealed license you will not have to worry about being mugged by someone while you're driving through a bad part of a neighborhood, or walking to work for that matter. Whatever the situation may be, it is always much safer to be prepared for an attack. You may never have to use your firearm or concealed weapon on anyone in your life, but like I said, it is always much better to be safe than sorry!

Colin Quinn is a professional writer and digital marketing consultant at Colin lives in Orlando, Florida and is a recent graduate form the University of Central Florida.

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