How to Find an Excellent Immigration Lawyer

Immigration is always a challenge, mainly because it is associated with lots of hardships and steps that have to be included into your to-do list. It’s possible to handle all the immigration-related problems on your own, but if you really wish to succeed in this endeavor, the help of a professional and experienced immigration attorney is a must.

So, How to Find an Excellent Immigration Lawyer?

A qualified lawyer can make a difference to the case, because he/she is aware of all the nuances of the immigration process. This is what makes the choice of an attorney an important and responsible step. What you should realize is that not all immigration lawyers offering their services nowadays are really trustworthy and qualified. There are also those, who lack knowledge and experience in the area and fail to offer all the range of suggested services. This may result in the negative outcome of your case. They must be able to guide you depending on your purpose of immigration. If you are moving to Canada for a job, an experienced immigration officer must be aware of the Canada LMIA process in order to help you get hired by a company that has legal permission of hiring foreigners. To help you avoid such situations, we have compiled a list of tips that will let you avoid dishonest and inexperienced practitioners.

Don’t Deal with Lawyers Offering Their Services at Immigration Offices

When you visit an immigration office for the first time, you may feel uncomfortable and confused. There are lawyers, who decide to make use of your psychological condition and approach you right in the hallway offering their “qualified” services. This is how they try to grow their business. Such behavior, however, is considered not ethical in the legal sphere and this is definitely not the best way to look for new clients.

Always Make Sure You Hire a Professional Lawyer

What do you do, when you need a doctor’s examination? Do you ask a neighbor to examine you or go directly to the hospital? The answer is obvious. It makes no sense to deal with a person, who is not qualified in the area. The same is about immigration lawyers. To make sure your case will be a success, you are bound to hire a practicing lawyer, who is experienced in this niche and can offer you professional help. Avoid dealing with all those visa consultants and petition preparers, who claim that they are competent, but fail to offer qualified assistance in reality.

Find Out More about a Lawyer

Always take your time to find out more about a lawyer you are going to deal with. Never hire the very first specialist you manage to come across somewhere. Conduct a profound research prior to making it a deal. You can find much info about the attorney you are interested in both online and offline. Check whether the specialist is a member of your local professional association or organization of lawyers. It also makes sense to look through the reviews published by his/her clients on trusted websites. A qualified lawyer should also have article publications either online or in local newspapers and magazines. All these aspects are crucial when it comes to the choice of a lawyer.

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Avoid Lawyers, Who Provide Illegal or Unethical Recommendations

If you notice that your lawyer starts giving unethical or legal recommendations, like lying, offering bribes, purchasing a fake green card etc., stop dealing with him/her at once. The chances that your case will be handled successfully in a legal way are too low in such situations. Besides, you never know what the outcome will be.

Don’t Believe in Unrealistic Promises

Sometimes, even the best attorney cannot ensure 100% success of your case. It is not a lawyer, but an immigration judge, who adopts final decision. So, if your attorney claims that he/she guarantees successful outcome of your case, you should know that this is close to impossible. Don’t believe in promises that sound unrealistic.

Consult Several Lawyers Prior to Making Your Choice

It is always reasonable to consult several immigration lawyers prior to making your final choice. This is the best way to know what services they are ready to offer you and how committed they are to their clients. Apart from that, you will be able to define their attitude to your case and find out personal traits of character, which also matter a lot for a client. By comparing several attorneys, you will clearly see their pros and cons. This will give you the understanding of what lawyer you would like to deal with.

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