How to Find a Family Lawyer in Sydney CBD

There are many people out there who are searching for a family lawyer in Sydney CBD. This may be because they are thinking about separating from their partner, wish to apply for an annulment or a divorce, wish to organise child custody or child support payments, or may wish to organise the division of assets when ending a relationship. A family lawyer can also help with organising spousal maintenance and can act as a representative in the courtroom if need be. As ending a relationship isn’t something that happens every day, people often don’t know where to go when they need legal support.

A family lawyer is a solicitor who specialises in this area and is often the best person to see when separating from someone. Finding a family lawyer who is willing to give their all to achieve the best outcome is the perfect way to feel supported and safe when going through a divorce or similar scenario. As it is so beneficial to seek legal support during these times, here are some very quick and easy steps to finding experienced family lawyers in the Sydney.

Use a directory service

One of the easiest ways to find a family lawyer in Sydney is with a directory service. These kinds of services are usually a company or business that showcases businesses alphabetically and by trade. A very well-known directory service in Australia is the White Pages.

Directories can also sometimes be found in magazines and newspapers. More commonly, in this day and age, directories are found online. A simple Google search can often show up many options but there are also directory websites as well. Using a directory is often the best way to get a list of businesses that are nearby, and some directories will even show reviews and testimonials as well.

This can be very handy to know especially when there are a few good options to choose from. Many law firms will also have a record on the website of their previous court outcomes, so this can sometimes be handy to look at when researching different places.

Use word of mouth

The reason why word of mouth is such a good method to finding a family lawyer in Sydney is because people are usually quite honest when chatting to their family and friends. For this reason, asking a co-worker, a hairdresser, a relative or anyone else who has gone through a similar situation is the perfect way to find a family lawyer.

Not only will people be able to recommend someone, but they will be able to give a sense of how that lawyer operates and acts. Because a website is never going to feature something negative about themselves, chatting to everyday people is a great way to get an honest opinion.

Having said that, of course, everybody is different, and one person may dislike a solicitor where another person likes them. Because of this, it is often best to visit law firms in person after the selection of businesses has been narrowed down.

Visit in person

Visiting a family lawyer in person is a great way to see if the solicitor is going to be a good match. A sense of their style of services can be gained and any questions can be asked. While someone may look great on paper, they may not gel with the client in person.

Meeting in person is good too because prices can be discussed. At the end of the day, it is easy enough to find a family lawyer, it is just about going through a simple selection process to find the right one to match current needs.

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