Get Compensation for Your Injuries

Accidents happen and nothing can be done to eliminate their chances of happening completely. However, there are times when accidents happen due to negligence and this is one of the scenarios you don’t want to just sit back and say, “It was just an accident.” You could be the victim here or perhaps a loved one like your child, friend or relative. In such instances, something must be done because such accidents are avoidable.

The nature of accidents is that they are unforeseen events, but when someone suffers an injury due to an event that could have been avoided, compensation is necessary. Sometimes accidents, normal accidents, happen. Still, someone is responsible and compensation is necessary. Keep reading so that you understand the different scenarios where you deserve to be compensated for your injuries and how you should approach the situation.

What Qualifies As An Injury Worthy Of Compensation?

It’s not that difficult to determine when you should be compensated for an injury. If you slip and fall on a slippery floor at work and there was no sign indicating that the floor was slippery, you deserve compensation. It is the duty of those in charge at work to let employees and other stakeholders know the dangerous locations in the building. They should also eliminate such areas because they are a hazard.

If you are involved in a car accident with a company car because the vehicle was not well serviced or had issues that the company had not addressed, you deserve compensation.

Furthermore, the degree of the injury one suffers due to a work-related injury, matters. Some people lose arms, their sight, break a bone, or just suffer an injury that changes their life forever. I hope you can understand why someone with such an injury must be compensated.

There is also the case of medical negligence where a patient ends up suffering more harm in a hospital. Perhaps the patient is given the wrong medication, slips and falls in the hospital, or an operation leaves the patient with a metal in their body that should not have been left there.

If you or a loved one is going through any of the above scenarios or a similar situation, contacting a workers compensation lawyer is your best move. Even if you are not sure whether your situation qualifies, if you or your loved one is still suffering due to an injury that was someone else’s fault, it is worth checking whether you can be compensated for it. The medical bills could be draining your bank accounts, or the victim could be suffering a lot and you would not like anyone else to go through the same pain. If this feels like your situation, you deserve compensation.

Is it too late?

For an adult, one should claim compensation within three years from the time the injury occurred. For children, as long as the child is below eighteen years old, the parent can claim compensation at any time. However, once the child is at the age of eighteen, then he or she is considered an adult by law. In this instance, he or she has three years to claim compensation; that means until the age of 21.

It is best to claim compensation as soon as possible, preferably within the first or second year. Waiting until the last few months of the waiting period is not recommended because if the time elapses before your case has been prepared and presented in court, then your window of opportunity will close and the victim may have to suffer all on his or her own. It takes time to find a good law firm, a good lawyer, and to prepare a solid case that will guarantee your compensation. That’s why it is best to claim the compensation early so that you give your case enough time for preparation and presentation before a court of law.

Personal injuries, particularly life-changing ones, are painful physically, psychologically, and financially. It is a huge burden to bear on your own, especially when it was not your fault. That’s why you should claim for compensation in the event your case fits one of the scenarios presented in this article. Don’t suffer alone. These scenarios happen more often than you realize. That’s why there are lawyers who have dedicated their lives to helping the victims of such cases. It is your right. Make the most of it while you still can.

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