Da-Les Auto Body Reviewing the new “California Autobody Consumer Bill of Rights”

auto-repair_noticeDa-Les Auto Body recently released a blog post based on California Autobody Consumer Bill of Rights for consumers ( Having been in the industry for 36 years now, the company believes that staying compliant with the law, as well as the highest industry standards not only ensures vehicle safety but also leads to customer satisfaction. The company holds a clean record with the Automotive Repair Bureau and believes that customers should know their rights under the law, which gives them choices when it comes to vehicle repair.

The California Autobody Consumer Bill of Rights was passed in August 2009 in the state of California. It clearly states what customers should expect when their insurance-covered work is done for their vehicles. The legal designation of the Bill, A.B 1179 spells out the information that insurers are required by the law to tell customers before they sign up a new policy or after an accident. Customers should know that in case their insurer did not give them such information, he is in violation of their rights as well as the law.

In the blog post, Da-Les Auto Body also gives guidelines to educate customers on their rights regarding their vehicle repair partners. The law specifies that it it's only the customer who has the right to choose where to take his vehicle for repairs after an accident, and hence the insurer is prohibited from directing customers to their shop. The customer reserves the right to given coverage options such as rental car and towing coverage while the vehicle is being repaired if services are necessary. The insurer is also obligated by law to give the customer toll-free phone numbers, and internet addresses to report problems or suspected frauds or complains concerning a particular shop to the Automotive Repair Bureau of California.

While many insurers try to take advantage of the customer's ignorance, the bill of rights gives the customer the upper hand for genuine claims. One has the right to obtain an estimate of the damages on his/her vehicle, as well as the estimated expenses for repair from a legally operating auto-body shop. No one can prevent you from getting the estimate, whether an insurer or a dealer.

Da-Les Auto Body, as a member of the Collision Repair Association of California as well the California Autobody Association, backs this legislation to help protect customers. The law in its original form stipulated that the insurer's damage estimates were not the same as the written estimates. The new legislation, however, builds greater protection for consumers to help keep insurers accountable.

According to the Collision Repair Association executive director, Mr. Allen Wood, this bill helps protect customers from insurers who try to convince them to accept their estimates as the accurate measurements rather that allowing them to wait for the real cost estimates from the repair dealers. Da-Les Auto Body believes that informed clients are the best clients since they can handle their options from a point of understanding. Keeping consumers appraised with their rights makes them happier with repair services and eliminates or reduces potential misunderstandings building a great relationship.

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