Crucial Mistakes That Will Doom Your Social Security Disability Claim

Let’s face it. Applying for a social security disability claim is both long and intimidating. Only a small portion of social security disability claims are actually approved at the very start of the application process and even under these favorable circumstances, there are still plenty of red tape to deal with. So if you want to ensure the success of your disability claim then it’s important that you avoid the following 10 crucial mistakes that will doom your social security disability claim.

1. Lack of Proof for Severe Impairment

When applying for disability, the first thing you need to remember is that your opinions on whether or not you can work is not important. Stating that you have aches, pains or any other serious medical conditions is not the same as proving that these problems are preventing you from getting a job. So if you want your disability application to be approved, you’ll first need to prove to that you really are incapable of working due to your injuries.

2. Missing the Deadline

Always remember that time is critical. You have precisely 60 days from the date of submitting your decision letter to file your appeal to the Social Security office. Fail to file your appeal during this time period and you relinquish your rights to make that appeal. If this happens, regardless of whatever reason, you will need to restart the application process all over again.

3. Filing New Applications

In the event that your initial social security disability application is denied, it’s important that you file an appeal for your existing social security disability claim rather than apply for a new one. This is because you’re more likely to succeed with the appeal process rather than with a a new application that will probably end up in another rejection.

4. Refusing to Hire A Representative When Necessary

Not all social security disability applicants need the help of an attorney when filing their applications, but some do. This is particularly true if you are required to meet with an Administrative-Law Judge. Under such circumstances, you will need the services of a disability lawyer , who can then help you manage your appeal and increase your chances of success.

5. Delaying Your Application

The moment you stop working due to your disability is the moment that you need to file your social security disability application. For one thing, there is a statute of limitations of five years for these benefits, and if you fail to make your application during this period of time then you will no longer be eligible to get them. So even if you feel that you don’t need social security disability at present, it’s still important to apply early on, so as to keep your options open.

6. Being Impatient

Investigations take time and the same holds true for paperwork. So if you try to hurry application process, it’s possible that you’ll only end up creating a lot of unnecessary mistakes and delays.

7. Not Having A Budget

One would normally assume that applying for disability won’t cost anything, but this is only true under the best circumstances. In most situations, however, applicants need to have a budget in order to deal with certain contingencies. For example, if you need to make an appeal then you will need to hire the services of a disability lawyer and that requires money. You will also need to prepare a budget for your paperwork and other miscellaneous costs.

8. Being A Recipient of Unemployment Compensation

The reason why unemployment compensation prevents applicants from getting their disability applications approved is because they require people certify that they are still “able to work.” Obviously, if this is the case then the person getting unemployment benefits is not qualified to get disability compensation. So either you get unemployment or you get disability, but you can’t have both.

9. Not Consulting Your Doctor

Before you make your application, you may want to ask your doctor for a well-written statement that explains how your particular disability prevents you from working. Furthermore, getting your doctor to support your disability claim will strengthen your application and increase your chances of getting it approved.

10. The Lack of Preparations

Finally, it’s important that you learn about social security disability applications ahead of time. Not knowing how the process or what the requirements are will only cause problems and delays along the way. So before you make your application, be sure to gather all the necessary records as well as the required proof of disability. You will also need to know how successful applications are made and how the Social Security Administration operates.

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