Crash Involving Semi-Truck In Austin, Texas

The most recent truck accident in Austin, Texas, occurred this year on the 29th of June.

The crash involved several cars and a semi-truck on I-135’s 1200 block in northern Austin. The accident that occurred in the morning hours involved 12 people.

EMS Intervention

Four of the people in the accident had no complaints of injuries. Another four were evaluated for injuries but refused EMS transport. Four were transported to the hospital, with three as trauma alerts.

Of the trauma alerts, two, a late teenager and an adult, were transported to Dell Seton Medical Center with potentially non-life-threatening injuries. The third trauma alert was taken to St. David’s Round Rock hospital with serious but non-life-threatening injuries.

This accident is an excellent example of a typical truck accident and shows how different people handle truck accidents.

Your Health Matters

“How one handles a truck accident can have a high impact on the outcomes of an accident,” says car accident lawyer Dan Christensen from DC Law. Seeking medical attention is important, so you will need to call 911 after an accident. On arrival, the first responder usually evaluates the people involved in an accident for injuries.

Almost all the time, when paramedics come to the scene, they will recommend transporting the persons involved to a hospital, but it is up to the victim to take the offer. However, there are some circumstances where the paramedics can decide to transport a victim without their consent if they believe the person is not in the right state of mind to make that decision.

Seeking medical attention is important from a health and insurance recovery perspective. Some injuries don’t show at the scene of an accident. This means that even the four that showed no signs of injuries in the Austin truck accident still needed to visit the ER to eliminate any possible injuries that did not show immediately. If any injuries are detected, the injured receive timely intervention to avoid a deterioration of the condition.

Insurance-Related Reason for Getting Medical Attention

From an insurance perspective, seeking medical attention after an accident helps create a link between an accident and a victim’s injuries. This link and the medical documentation produced along your treatment period become critical evidence when filing a lawsuit for accidents resulting from a negligent truck driver, owner or trucking company.

You do not have to accept help from emergency responders at the scene but seeing a doctor in the first 72 hours of an accident is critical. While you can file a claim even when you sought medical help after 72 hours, the at-fault party’s lawyer can easily dispute your claim.

Another mistake accident victims make is failing to follow the doctor’s recommendation. The problem with not following what the doctor recommends is that it creates treatment gaps that can affect you in two ways; it lengthens the recovery period and hurts the value of your claim.

A Lawyer Can Help

The opposing side can use your failure to claim that some of your damages are of your own making and thus successfully challenge the value of your claim.

The standard of proof for truck accidents is relatively high compared with other auto crashes. Also, liability depends on the circumstances under which the accident happened. So, the best thing to do in a truck accident would be to have an Austin truck accident lawyer working on your claim.

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