Boston Lawyer Jeffrey Glassman Advocates for the Injured and the Environment

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Now entering his third decade of advocating for the rights of injury victims throughout Massachusetts, Boston attorney Jeffrey Glassman is passionate about fighting for the rights of each and every client he takes on and for protecting the environment.

When he’s not overseeing operations and handling personal injury cases in his firm, Glassman is an advocate for the environment. His love of hiking, traveling and nature photography keeps him energized and engaged with the world around him.

An amateur nature photographer, Glassman founded RainforestMaker, a non-profit that is dedicated to preserving and restoring the Earth’s Rainforests. Within the RainforestMaker organization, LATTE (Lawyers Accountable to the Earth), is an initiative aimed at lawyers, which urges a reduction of paper products in the office. The average lawyer ten times the amount of a typical office worker, the equivalent of 24 trees per year.

Not stopping there, Jeffery’s environmental interests have also found him co-authoring the MBA Green Guidelines and serving on the Massachusetts Bar Association’s Energy and Environmental Task Force where he can influence law firms to implement more environmentally conscious procedures in their offices.

Glassman graduated from Suffolk University Law School and was admitted to the practice of law in Massachusetts in 1991. Four years later on Valentine’s Day, he opened the Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Glassman and has committed to never settling a case for less than fair and full value.

Having built a successful personal injury law firm, Glassman is involved in nearly every case that the firm represents, often negotiating cases on behalf of clients. While the company takes a team approach to building a case capable of winning the compensation deserved, Jeff takes an individual approach with each of his clients.

“ When I represent clients, I do so as if they are members of my family,” Glassman says. “We are committed to working tirelessly to maximizing results and caring for the needs of our clients. “

By taking a personal approach with clients, Glassman believes gains a better understanding of the nuances of the case, is more capable of addressing questions and concerns, and effectively build cases capable of winning the maximum compensation.

Injuries change lives. Personal, emotional and financial tolls are taken. Individuals cannot take on the massive insurance companies alone. They need qualified, experienced and dedicated personal injury lawyers advocating on their behalf. Without quality legal assistance, victims are unable to access the resources necessary to make a full recovery. The Law Offices of Jeffery S. Glassman’s in-house litigation team means that cases that don’t resolve satisfactorily can be pursued in the courtroom.

As a long-serving personal injury attorney, Jeffrey S. Glassman understands each case he represents is unique. And it is this understanding that he will use in fighting for the compensation you deserve.

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