Benefits of Hiring a Knoxville DUI Lawyer

Did you know Knox County had the third-highest number of drunk driving incidents over the past decade, with nearly 5,100 cases between 2006 and 2016?

A few years ago, a nationwide DUI study revealed that Knoxville ranked among the top ten cities with DUIs accidents. The fact that it is the most common reason for accidents across Knoxville corroborates this finding.

If involved in a DUI accident, it is advisable to consult an experienced Knoxville criminal attorney. They are highly competent in protecting your rights and supporting you to get through the legal ordeal. Here are some of the main benefits of hiring an attorney to represent your DUI case in Knoxville.

Experience in Handling DUI Cases

Knoxville adheres to Tennessee Code Annotated section 55-10-401, which prohibits driving under the influence of alcohol and intoxicants.

DUI charges are quite complicated, involving legal penalties and scientific evidence. And, if convicted in Knoxville, the awarded penalties are also very severe.

However, a criminal attorney specializing in DUI has a comprehensive understanding of the Knoxville DUI legalities. They can determine your case’s strengths and weaknesses and identify the best methods to defend you in your DUI case.

A DUI Attorney Can Get You a Lesser Sentence

In Knoxville, Tennessee Code Annotated sections 55-10-402, 403, and 404 lay the penalties for different offenses in a DUI case. For instance, your first offense misdemeanor can put you behind bars from 2 days to over 11 months. You will have to pay fines of $350 to $1500, with your license suspended for one year.

In the worst case, Knoxville state law dictates a monetary fine of $15,000 and license suspension for eight years.

When you hire a successful Knoxville criminal attorney, they ideally win a case by proving their client innocent. Else, they ensure a drastically reduced sentence for their client.

A Criminal Attorney Knows the State Laws

Every criminal lawyer will be aware of their state DUI laws. Knoxville adheres to Tennessee DUI laws that consider driving while having a BAC of 0.08% or higher unlawful.

The Knoxville criminal lawyer will consider the state laws, review your case, and find ways to get you the least possible penalty.

Hiring a Criminal Attorney is a Time Saver

According to the Tennessee Statute of Limitations, the prosecutors in most Knoxville DUI cases have one year to file the charges, from the date of the offense.

Hiring a DUI lawyer can drastically reduce your court time. They manage all the legalities during the long, stressful trial.

A DUI Lawyer Can Help You with Implied Consent

As per Tennessee Code Annotated section 55-10-406, if a police officer suspects anyone to be driving under the influence, they can ask the driver for a breathalyzer and blood tests. Furthermore, Tennessee Code Annotated section 55-10-407 dictates that refusing alcohol tests can lead to your license suspension for at least a year.

However, the police officer should inform you about the license suspension when you refuse to perform the test.

As an experienced DUI lawyer in Knoxville, they will review this aspect of your case and use it if it’s in your favor, avoiding your license suspension.

A DUI Lawyer Will Investigate Your Case

Not all DUI cases are straightforward. There could be other charges added to your DUI allegations. For instance, in Knoxville, causing bodily injury to another person while driving under the influence of an intoxicating substance is a Class D felony. In the worst case, you might face two to twelve years of imprisonment.

A competent DUI attorney will investigate your case and analyze the inaccuracies in the other party’s stance, to determine who is guilty. They interview witnesses and medical experts to put forth convincing arguments, effectively reducing your sentence.

Hiring a DUI Attorney is a Money Saver

If you’re involved in a DUI case in Knoxville, the prosecution will claim huge settlements. The cost of SR-22 high-risk insurance, court costs, probation fees, and transdermal alcohol monitoring devices increases the expenses. Without a lawyer, you might end up losing all your saving while settling the remuneration, the other party demands.

A skilled Knoxville criminal attorney will first negotiate with the other party and reduce the compensation that you might need to pay. If negotiations don’t work, they represent and fight for you in the Knoxville court of law and get you a reduced punishment.

Summing Up

Last year, Knoxville saw some of the Tennessee DUI laws modified and implemented, targeting repeated offenders. As per House Bill 167, a DUI offender will receive up to 15 years of imprisonment and serve 60% of the term. With rules getting stringent, consult a criminal lawyer, who will smartly get you acquitted from your DUI case in Knoxville, or the worst case, get you the least possible penalty.

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