Becoming an Australian Citizen through Permanent Residency

As we all know Australia is an immigrant friendly country, it has given residence to millions of immigrants in the past few decades. A major portion of Australia’s population is born outside its land. There are several pathways which lead to permanent residency in Australia and then to Australian citizenship. To know about Australian citizenship and how you can get it, read this article.

General eligibility criteria for citizenship

Generally, those over the age of eighteen who apply for Australian citizenship must:

  • Have passed a citizenship test (unless over the age of 60)
  • Be a permanent resident at the time of application, and also, at time of call
  • satisfy the residence conditions
  • Be probably to reside, or to keep staying reside, in Australia or to keep up a detailed and continued association with Australia
  • Be of excellent character.

Children might also apply for Australian Citizenship, though completely different needs apply. Please visit the Department of Home Affairs website for additional info.

Residence conditions

Permanent residents who are lawfully residing in Australia for four years straightaway before applying for Australian citizenship. This includes:

  • 12 months as a permanent resident
  • Absences from Australia for no over twelve months
  • Absences from Australia for no over 3 months within the twelve months before applying.

A Citizenship Wizard link is out there on the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website to assist you to establish if you meet the residence demand.

Citizenship test

If you satisfy the final eligibility criteria, you ought to pass a test before applying for Australian citizenship. Those lined by alternative things (such as those aged underneath eighteen or over age sixty, or those that suffer from a considerable impairment or loss of hearing, speech or sight) aren’t needed to sit down a test.

The Australian citizenship test has been designed to assist future Australian citizens gain an understanding of Australia’s:

  • Values
  • Traditions
  • History
  • National symbols

The test is a vital part of the citizenship process and helps in making certain you’ve got the capability to totally participate in the Australian community as a national and maximise the opportunities obtainable to you in Australia. It promotes social cohesion and prosperous integration into the community.

  • To sit the test you must:
  • Be an Australian permanent resident
  • Satisfy the department of your identity throughout the procedure of registering for the test
  • Allow the department to take a photograph of you or give one yourself.

Find out additional regarding the citizenship test link, together with mock tests.

Privileges of Australian citizens

Being an Australian national entitles you to the privileges to:

  • Live in Australia
  • Apply for an Australian passport and to depart and get in Australia without applying for a resident return visa
  • Seek help from Australian diplomatic representatives whereas overseas
  • Work in the general public service
  • Serve within the defence force
  • Register as Australian voters by descent any of your kids born overseas when you become an Australian national
  • Stand for Parliament
  • Vote to elect members of Parliament.

Responsibilities of Australian citizens

Citizenship conjointly brings with it responsibilities. For instance, citizens are needed to:

  • Obey Australian laws
  • Defend Australia if the necessity arises
  • Serve on a jury if known as to try and do so
  • Enrol on federal and state/territory electoral registers
  • Vote in elections

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