A Way Out – How to Deal With a DUI Sentence in Arizona

regrwtDriving under the influence is an unfortunate mistake, which many people will encounter after a drunken night of revelry.

The Devil is in the Details

Before you engage in any legal options in Arizona, you need to jot down as much of what occurred during your DUI incident as soon as possible. Every case is won or lost according to the most minute of details, and so it is of the utmost importance that you write down the entire event with as much scrutinized detail as possible.

You need to ensure that you start writing as soon as possible, as many details will begin fading or become hazy over time if not recorded straight away. You need to ask yourself questions such as when and where you when you were stopped by a police officer, what did the officer claim was the reason for him stopping you, and did you receive a breath test?

You will also want to write down what other kinds of tests they administered, such as eye tracking and one leg stands.

The Strict Laws of Arizona

Arizona happens to be a state with particularly strict and punishing laws regarding drunken driving. Those who have ever been penalized for drinking and driving can tell you that jail time and the loss of your driver’s license are a very likely result.

This is why you will need a legal team that has a comprehensive understanding of such laws can provide the most effective and precise service, which will allow you to navigate such staunch regulations.

While it may seem like your situation is hopeless, if you were indeed caught by police during your inebriated escapade, some lawyers in the Phoenix area can assist you.

What is the Limit?

Arizona’s legal limit for blood alcohol concentration is 0.08%. Anything higher (regardless of the quality of your actual driving) will result in legal prosecution. Obviously, any drugs found in the system while driving will also land you in very hot water.

Standard Procedure

Once you have been taken in for a DUI, there a certain factors which will be considered when your foundational sentence is being decided. These factors include whether you are a minor or not, and whether you are a commercial or private driver.

In terms of a first offense, you could be facing a total of ten days in jail, as well as a fine of $1,250. Then there are the community based stipulations, in which you will have to prove that you have a complete understanding of the severity of your actions, by completing the relevant education programs.

On your second offense, however, you will be facing far more severe conditions, which will make your first sentence seem like a tap on the wrist. You will now be facing up to 90 days in jail, and a hefty fine of at least $3,000.

You will also have your license revoked for a full year, as well as having to install an Ignition Interlock Device for the same time period.

In the Case of Vehicular Manslaughter

The worst possible case scenario of a drunken driving incident is undoubtedly when a person’s life is taken. That being said, the laws regarding vehicular manslaughter in Arizona are rather incomplete. The statute for vehicular manslaughter does not exist in Arizona.

Regardless of such gaps in federal constitution, such a case will definitely be treated as second degree felony manslaughter if the conditions of the actual accident stipulate such judgment. You can then expect to be imprisoned for a minimum of three years, and in the worst case, 12 and a half years.

Getting the Right Help

As you can see, a DUI is a severe issue and could easily ruin your life. To cover all bases, consult with anaccident attorney in Phoenix. You want this type of case to be handled by the most apt and comprehensive law firm. If you want the best result, you need to seek out the most trusted professionals in this field.

A loss of a driving license massively impairs your life. Being reduced to a constant pedestrian state of transportation can greatly reduce your effectiveness and mobility as a working person. You just cannot afford to have the most fundamental means of private transportation taken away from you.

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