Personal injury cases are as common as criminal ones. They can result from car or truck accidents to workplace mishaps. However, people often end up with huge losses by neglecting to hire professional legal help.

Hiring professional help from an expert like Michael Fayard, Attorney at Law, can be a big step for folks to get free from their legal troubles.

Attorneys have years of experience helping ordinary people with all types of legal hassles. Should you ever find that you are in trouble with the law, seek out a lawyer instantly.

Below are some of the most typical personal injury cases professional attorneys help people with all the time.

  1. Car accidents

Not everyone is lucky enough to dust themselves off and walk away from a car crash unscathed. Unfortunately, many victims of car accidents lose their lives or end up gravely injured. If you happen to be in one such accident yourself and are in no condition to move around, you need an attorney who can fight for your rights. Their high-quality representation will ensure your medical bills are paid, the car is repaired, and your lost earnings are rightly recompensed.

  1. Premises liability

It is a major duty of all property owners, both individuals and businesses alike, to provide a safe working environment. They must ensure their employees don’t get hurt in any way during work hours. If such a workplace tragedy occurs, you should immediately contact an attorney. They can help you file a liability case by proving you were not at fault and get you the rightful compensation.

  1. Slip or fall accidents

It is true that most people slip and fall all the time. But there are instances wherein you can file a slip or fall accident case. For example, you slipped on a broken step at a restaurant or mall and injured yourself badly. In such a case, you must take pictures of the step and file a written complaint to the mall manager immediately. Next, you should hire an attorney who can take the case further professionally while you recover from your injuries.

  1. Truck accidents

Truck accidents are different from car accidents. That’s why there aren’t many lawyers that cover these kinds of cases. The damage caused by a collision with such large vehicles will, undoubtedly, be a lot more severe. When people get involved in serious truck accidents, hiring an attorney can help them recover from significant losses. Delaying might lead to a loss of evidence, resulting in more damages.

  1. Wrongful death

A wrongful death lawsuit is one wherein someone is blamed for the death of another person. Also, there can be many causes of wrongful death, such as a car accident, medical negligence, or construction accidents. Being convicted in a wrongful death lawsuit can send you away for a long period. You need help from professionals like Michael Fayard, Attorney at Law, especially in such cases. An attorney can also help you file a wrongful death claim, not just defend you against one.

  1. Dog bites

Among the gravest of injuries, some are often caused by dog bites. Such bites can be a lot more severe if the dog belongs to an especially aggressive breed. That’s why certain states are strict about dog owners responsible for such attacks in owning up to the offense. There is the absence of the “one free bite” rule in such states. So, if you happen to be a victim of a dog bite, an attorney can help you file a liability case and make sure you are compensated.

Other Cases Where An Attorney Can Help

A personal injury lawsuit is just one type among many. The other common case types an attorney can help with include family law and criminal matters. Family law covers divorce, child custody, guardianship, adoption, paternity cases, and the like. These cases can be messy when handled by oneself as they involve family members.

Criminal cases, on the other hand, can be a lot more complicated. Criminal defense attorneys specialize in cases of homicide, murder, rape, drug possession, assault, trafficking, and gun crimes, to name a few. According to statistics, theft and property crimes are higher than other types of crime in recent years. That being said, any type of crime is disturbing nonetheless.

Facing criminal charges is among the terrifying things ever. Not everyone can handle being in court, facing the judge, and the prospect of harsh sentencing. However, whether you are a victim or an accused in a criminal case, an attorney can help you out. Using expert representation will increase the chances of the case going in your favor.

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