5 Steps to Restarting Your Career in Law

Do you want to restart your career in law? Well, you have to consider flexibility as well as offering excellent customer service. Making your career in law more flexible involves working in a law firm that appreciates what you bring to the table. Even though restarting a career path is daunting in the beginning, finding your purpose and living for what drives you impacts on your quality of life.

1. Admitting that Your Career Needs to Take a New Path

A passionate lawyer will know when they have outgrown their current firm. Make your career in law more flexible by joining a law firm that encourages freelancing thereby giving you freedom of choice of clients and projects based on your interests. If you are holding a position that is not sustainable, you need to get off your comfort zone before you are forced into making a decision. The prospects of a career change will be intimidating in the beginning, but you’ll soon realise it an exciting experience. Find a law firm where your fluency and experience will be put to maximum use.

2. Determining Where Your Passion Lies

Identifying your source of dissatisfaction is the key to determining where your passion for law lies. Contrary to popular opinion, having a career in law does not stifle one’s creativity. There are many paths a lawyer can take today thanks to the intervention of technology. When you indulge in something dramatically different, you are more likely to strike gold than when you remain in your comfort zone. Knowing what drives and energizes you to do what you do will guide you to your new career.

3. Adapt Open-mindedness and Flexibility

Change is not going to be easy. Just like any other career, restarting your career in law requires you to have faith in yourself and believe you are better. You might even need to change your lifestyle to get the role you seek. Being in a place where your knowledge and experience is appreciated ensures you have a fulfilling career. The most important thing is getting a better deal and settling for a flexible work environment. A law firm that has adopted a new and modernised model will ensure you focus only on what is part of your job description. A virtual law firm allows you to work as a consultant with the full support of a traditional in-house law firm.

4. Create Your Opportunities

As you look for a new challenge, ensure you are well equipped for it. Improving your skill set ensures you have a competitive edge over other candidates. You should consider providing value in your current role as your work ethics determines what type of lawyer you are. Even with the frustrations, you are currently facing, remember to be professional and do your best to assist your clients. Delivering great legal services to your clients ensures you stand out as a qualified candidate. You need a law firm that encourages teamwork so that you benefit from client referrals. As an entrepreneurial lawyer, you need a law firm that helps you make profitable client relationships. This is often lacking in most large corporate firms and often the most rewarding if achieved, no lawyer wants to spend years training to do the job they love to then be swamped down with repetitive administrative tasks.

5. Positive Thinking

Change does not occur overnight and having a positive mind ensures you maintain the right frame of mind. Being proactive and giving yourself credit ensures you don’t forget what value you bring to the table. Patience and persistence will ensure you work your way to a modern firm that incorporates new technology for a functional workplace. A law firm with an innovative approach guarantees flexibility and control. Having the right tools at your disposal guarantees customer satisfaction. As an ambitious lawyer, positive thinking ensures you are in the right frame of mind to take control of your career. Choose a law firm that allows you to dictate your income levels.


Ensure you settle for a position that matches your experience and expertise. It doesn’t matter whether its due to unprecedented opportunity or you have come to a realised that your career needs to take another path. As a professional lawyer, finding a path that allows you to live a fulfilling life.

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