Why Install IPTV In Your Hotel Business?

Apple iTVThe era of old CRT TV is over and HD TV has caused a revolution. People are replacing their old TV and going for a sleek HD television unit. Even the hospital field is not behind. An uninterested hotel owner must consider a few things related to technology because it can increase his business revenue.

  • Pick full HD-Even if there is not much HD content in his area, it will soon.
  • Size matters-Technology has made screens big and sleek, which are affordable.
  • Connectivity – Now that you have invested in big screen with high resolution picture quality and perfect audio sound, majority of guests do not desire to spend money on VoD content. Analogue broadcasting is slow with poor picture quality. In addition, offering guests internet on a PC in your lobby seems unappealing. Rather than investing in digital head-end equipment, stay with the TV and add IP/internet.

In this era, where majority of people are using internet on their mobile phones, it is primetime to install hotel IPTV. Broadcasting technology is not the key strength of IPTV, but its benefits rely on the blend of TV transmission along with extra functions facilitated through IP.

Is IPTV expensive?

Obviously, it is true, but you have to consider the bottom line. Actually, the vast portion of investment is done for operating a plain TV. It includes a head-end for distributing TV signal, distributing network, and TV screen. In addition, Wi-Fi facilities are also included in hotel accommodation facilities.

You can transform this 70% to 80% investment of standard TV into a revenue generating IPTV. Remember the wonderful advantages ranging from smooth checkout process to branding across the internet. How can you forget the additional revenue?

Hotel premises with designer furniture, and beautiful China provides guests a facility to consume drinks and meals. It does not add to ultimate revenue. Bear in mind that a restaurant that includes a kitchen is very expensive. You can think about hotel with IPTV the same way. Therefore, let's understand IPTV functionalities before making an investment.

IP functionalities

  • Bill view and payment via TV is a good convenience
  • Wake up call setting
  • Channel list arranged in accordance to guest's nationality
  • Transmit conference schedules via group code
  • UI can be adapted automatically according to conference host needs
  • Provides room control via TV
  • Housekeeping staff can easily be in touch with room status
  • Guests own content from tablets can get easily integrated
  • Guests can use their Smartphone as remote control

These are some functions that traditional hotel TV set is unable to perform.

However there is much to gain, if internet is placed in the game. An international guest visiting your hotel will be more than happy to access their accustomed channels. IPTV offers worldwide channels. In addition, the VOD content that more and more people are used to via internet.

How can you forget YouTube and social Medias? Guests can access relevant information related to the sightseeing locations, airport checking for departure and possible delays. Guests can enjoy the full fledged browser and open the whole web. Hope you understood the concept clearly, so wake up and start generating IPTV revenue.

If you have any questions, please ask below!