What the iPad POS System Means for Businesses

We now live in the digital age. There is no denying that. Everywhere you look, things have gone digital. Businesses now promote their brands online. People now buy a lot of things without ever leaving their homes; a few clicks of their computer mouse, and their shopping is done! Many companies have also streamlined the hiring process by collecting résumés online and conducting initial interviews via Skype.

Just recently, advancements in the digital world were manifested in the restaurant and retail industries in the form of the iPad POS system. It was hailed as the future of these industries and is said to be the solution that’ll help restaurant and retail store managers run their respective businesses more efficiently.


iPad POS System Advantages

Convenience for everyone—this is perhaps the easiest way to describe the benefits and advantages offered by a mobile POS system such as the ones powered by the iPad. To be more specific, here are the most notable advantages of having an iPad-powered POS system:

  • Ease of Use

A restaurant or retail store is expected to be busy. As the owner or manager of such a business, you’d naturally appreciate being able to train new employees as quickly as possible. This is made possible by the new mobile POS systems, with visual interfaces that are very easy to learn and use. The iPad itself is a user-friendly device and the software that powers the modern POS features this user-friendliness as well. What used to take days or even weeks for employees to learn now only takes a few hours to master.

  • Efficient Employee Time Card and Payroll System

If you think a mobile POS system only handles the sales part of your business, you’re wrong. Many software makers now offer POS software that includes digital time cards and efficient employee payroll systems. This means you’ll no longer need a separate software for keeping track of your employees’ hours, scheduling shifts, and handling payroll. Needless to say, your business operations will be considerably streamlined by having just one system for all aspects of the business.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience

Most POS systems that are operated on the iPad also include a digital menu (for restaurants) or brochure (for retail stores). If you choose to dine at a restaurant that uses a mobile POS system, for example, you could simply click on the food and drinks you want from the digital menu. The kitchen staff will be automatically alerted by the system and your orders will be prepared. The wait staff will also be alerted as soon as your orders are ready, thereby expediting the process and making the entire experience more pleasant for you.


  • Streamlined Managerial Reports

As the manager of a restaurant or retail store, your work doesn’t just involve overseeing the day-to-day operations of the business and finding ways to improve sales and increase revenue, it also involves having to accomplish a great deal of reports. Daily sales numbers, lean hours, peak hours, inventory—these are just some of the things you need to keep track of when you’re managing a business.

Traditionally, you’d have to go through several files and/or use various systems to generate all the reports you need for a particular period. With the modern POS system, however, you can adjust the settings right at the outset, and then all the necessary reports will be generated with just a click of a button whenever you need them. How’s that for convenience?

  • Reliability

With an iPad-powered POS system, you’ll no longer have to rely on third-party applications for your business processes. These POS systems are cloud-based systems, which means there is no need for a server or for any other application; your POS system will be powered solely by the cloud and the iPad’s hardware. And you won’t even have to worry about your ISP provider suddenly going down during business hours because these modern POS applications typically have offline capabilities. Plus, the fact that it is could-based means you can access the system wherever you are as long as you have access to the Internet.

Hospitals Entering the Scene

The mobile quick service POSsystem has proven so successful that it is no longer just restaurants and retail stores that are taking advantage of its benefits. Even hospitals have found opportunities in adopting iPad POS solutions. Here are some of the ways these modern POS systems are now being used in healthcare facilities:

  • Patient Guest Services

In several hospitals, patient guests can now order food and drinks from the cafeteria via a digital menu. Using an iPad, you may place your order and then pay via credit card, or you could simply place your order and then pay by cash once the order is delivered to the patient’s room. It has indeed become more convenient for you to enjoy meals together with a hospitalized loved one.

  • Cafeterias and Coffee Carts

In many hospitals, patients with enough mobility can enjoy their meals in an outdoor seating at the hospital cafeteria. But traditional POS terminals require them to be routed through check-out lanes before they can proceed to a table and enjoy their food and beverages. With the mobile POS system, however, they could simply go over to a table and then place their orders from there.

  • Gift Shops and Fundraisers

It isn’t uncommon to see a gift shop and other fundraisers in a hospital. Mobile POS systems make it a lot more convenient to buy items from such fundraisers, especially if there is a payroll deduction payment option for hospital employees. This improves the chance of the fundraisers generating more revenue.

When you think about it, many other establishments can actually benefit from an iPad-powered POS system. The features of the available software and the convenience offered make it ideal for a wide array of businesses. It has been said that this is the future of the restaurant and retail industries, but who knows, this may just be the future of the business world in general.

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