What Cloud Computing Means for Your Applications

cloud computingThe IT industry is experiencing tremendous changes and at a dizzying pace. The IT infrastructure has changed rapidly and businesses are finding it hard to adopt one change before another innovation emerges. Both IT firms and ordinary businesses which are trying to leverage the power of modern computing are finding it hard to stay up-to date with this dynamism.

Enter Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is one of these groundbreaking changes that has swept across the industry. It is not only robust but highly scalable, which is perfect for your growing business. More importantly, cloud computing is cost-effective, which is something every modern business is looking for. Cloud computing has revolutionized business applications and processes.

The hitherto cumbersome and expensive infrastructure which required immense hardware expenditure and software are slowly becoming obsolete. When it comes to cloud computing, the hassle of managing hardware and software is eliminated. You only pay for what you use with cloud computing.

Understanding Cloud Computing Disruption

To appreciate what disruption cloud computing has brought to the IT industry, you have to take a step back in time. It is a fact that the foundation of enterprise IT is infrastructure and more importantly the speed and cost. Everything moves slowly from procurement of hardware and installation. All this is done manually and you waste a lot of time.

However, the other side of the coin doesn’t highlight these shortcomings. The underlying infrastructure takes long to change and hence users will rarely detect the slow speeds. There are minimal changes in the number of users which means more stability and subsequently nothing seems to be out of place.

What Necessitates the Cloud?

While the overview of the slow but stable infrastructure might make it sound idyllic, there are exceptions. Some websites experience spikes in number of users which affect the expected trends. While the web master might want to try out a development and test project, there is no time or resources for the same and the opportunity would most have likely been lost.

Today most websites are now interacting differently with users, especially due to adoption of mobiles. With mobile internet, more data is being generated and traditional applications have to change. The solution for a solid base foundation has now changed to the cloud which is fast, cheap and scalable.

While the challenge for IT departments might have been thought to be at the infrastructural level, this is not the case. Consumers will only stick with a service if the onsite premise infrastructure meets the minimum infrastructural requirement of speed, affordability and scalability. The key challenge to IT groups is how to reconfigure application tooling once cloud computing is adopted. The kind of applications built will change greatly over the coming years to keep up with the needs of the cloud.

The changes in IT today caused by cloud computing will affect people, processes and technology. Much attention is going to be on application tooling which is understandable.


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