Valid reasons to invest in maintenance management software

For a long time now, maintenance has been an industry based on paper and hence maintenance management software can indeed be a hard sell. Shifting from paper-based documents to a software solution can be considered as a disruptive and costly process which might encounter resistance from both technicians and maintenance managers. Nevertheless, if you compare the cost of downtime with that of maintenance software, the latter will be pale in front of the former. CMMS software includes average revenue; wages employees get per hour, the total number of units produced and the scrap that result due to manufacturing.


Although CMMS software is not completely going to abolish downtime but it can certainly bring about an entire overhaul to how often downtime happens and the ways in which you can deal with downtime. Besides reducing downtime, there are lots of ways in which CMMS can assist your maintenance management team and save money and time of your business’ daily operations.

Valid reasons to invest in maintenance management software

The ultimate decision of whether or not to invest in a CMMS is vital for any organization. If used in an effective manner, a CMMS can boost profitability of a company through the effective use of resources and reduce down time. Here are few worthy reasons behind investing in CMMS.

  1. Adopt a preventive maintenance strategy

When you invest in CMMS software, it lets you stay at the pink of your maintenance and also adopt a PM strategy or a preventive maintenance technique. The CMMS system can activate planned tasks which are based on different floating triggers like an event, meter and time. As you configure the CMMS system, it will start churning out works as per their schedules which you have set with the information.

  1. Mix of different maintenance strategies is the best bet

Apart from the preventive maintenance strategy, there are many other strategies that you can adopt and mixing some of these strategies is the best bet for the effective facility. Without a CMMS, you may find it tough to mix and match several strategies for maintenance but when you have a CMMS, it allows you to set the right schedule for your assets and take a decision of where you should use reactive maintenance.

  1. Technicians can carry CMMS wherever they go with the apps

Majority of the modern CMMS solutions have their respective apps which technicians can install on their mobile phones. The most valued part of the CMMS software is this feature that the technicians can easily carry CMMS to any place they go. If you want to know about forklift maintenance in the field, they can get easy access to information, they can close work deals and also get push notifications when there’s a new work for them.

  1. Establishes consistency in your work

With a CMMS, you can easily set checklists and systems of workflow to establish best practices and further consistency. All these benefits of CMMS are important for tasks like troubleshooting as they give you a detailed analysis of the steps that have been taken in order to maintain your company’s assets in its best form.

  1. Helps take more care of older machines

You can’t deny the fact that new machines don’t need too much of maintenance but as soon as the machine grows old, it will definitely require more care than the newer counterparts. When you have all the historical documents and data stores in a maintenance management software solution, maintaining becomes much easier throughout the long run.

  1. Rein in your backlog with the help of CMMS

Backlog maintenance is something that you can’t avoid but in case it gets out of your hands, reining in everything will soon become a Herculean task. Here comes in the role of a CMMS. When you have a maintenance management software solution, it lets you strike the perfect balance between maintenance costs and resources thereby letting you get your backlog within your control. The software even lets you spot small fixes which may have gone unnoticed, preventing bigger issues in the future.

  1. Tackles all health and safety information of the company

A CMMS will not only take care of the well-being of the machines of your company but it will also safeguard the people who are employed in your company by safely tackling their safety and health information. The software can expedite rounds of inspection, play the role of a depository of checklist, safety procedures and track technician certification.

So, as we see, maintenance management software shouldn’t be an afterthought. Regardless of whether you’re a big or small business, you should also track and schedule maintenance with a CMMS as it is the key to getting organized.

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