Use Software to Streamline Your Business

Everyone knows that technology advances at an exponential pace. Every year there are hundreds—if not thousands—of new, high-quality software, apps, and digital services that are built specifically to improve your company’s workflow and success.

Any kind of business can benefit from technological assistance. Regardless of whether your product is based entirely online, or entirely in person (contracting work, for example), you can cut costs and boost profits by taking advantage of some simple and hassle-free technologies.

Here is some of the best software available that you can use to improve the workflow of your business.

Streamline Accounting

Accounting is one of the most tedious and time-consuming tasks, especially if your business conducts a high number of transactions each year.

Digital technology has all but eliminated standard bookkeeping (very few businesses record transactions nowadays by actually making notes in books). Instead, there are dozens of great accounting apps, including QuickBooks and Quicken.

These kinds of applications make it easy for businesses to record transactions and keep detailed records. Maneuvering digital files is much easier and faster than having to sift through endless pages of business ledgers. And, because you won’t need physical ledgers to record your company’s finances, you’ll save quite a bit of space in the office.

Digital accounting is also extremely beneficial when tax time comes. Some online bookkeeping services are able to automatically to compile your financial records, make calculations, and give you the numbers you’ll need to have to file taxes for your business.

Streamline Hiring

Technology has made it easier than ever to hire the right employees for your business. Just like how “bookkeeping” is less reliant on keeping actual books, “job boards” have also been largely reduced to the digital space. You can use websites like Indeed, Craigslist, and LinkedIn to make job postings that can reach thousands of people across the world. These websites can also weed out applicants that don’t have the minimum job requirements. Some job boards, like, only post openings for specific industries.

Of course, when your job posting reaches thousands of people, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ll draw applications from some bad apples. Thankfully, there’s a handful of efficient software that can run background checks for you. Many of these programs, like ShareAble for Hires, handle the collecting of personal information from prospective employees, which saves you time and risk.

How long does a background check take? Digitally-run background checks only take a few minutes to give you a comprehensive look at any prospective employee, ensuring you don’t waste time on resources on a drawn-out hiring process.

Streamline Project Management

One of the most significant changes that technology has had on the workplace is on project management. If you haven’t yet used digital tools to coordinate projects, now’s the time to start.

Google is well known for its integrated tool box of software. The website uses several applications for different aspects of business: spreadsheets, presentations, email, conferencing, file sharing, etc. All the apps work in conjunction with one another, so it’s easy to manage projects that have lots of moving parts.

Asana is one of the more intricate project-planning platforms. The software incorporates spreadsheets, email, and scheduling into a single interface. Each member of a project can see what his or her tasks are for the given month, and members can assign each other tasks and quickly conference with one another. If a project is divided into different teams, then each team’s tasks and chats can be segmented. These digital apps make project planning more transparent, communicative, and organized.

Streamline Marketing

Use marketing management software to organize your company’s marketing campaigns and track their success. Software like Wrike provide an interface through which different teams can collaborate and communicate. Campaigns and campaign events can be scheduled with ease.

The Internet has revolutionized marketing by creating new channels through which products can be advertised. Algorithms target prospective consumers by analyzing what those consumers are viewing on the Internet. Products can also be advertised through relevant social media channels. Here in the Internet Age, there are truly an overwhelming amount of ways in which your marketing campaign can advertise to consumers. Marketing management software can help you keep track of all these different advertising channels and turn casual viewers into loyal customers.

It’s possible that your business uses some of this technology already, but perhaps not all of it. Don’t let your company fall behind on the times! Try out these cutting-edge software recommendations to make managing your business easier.

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