Top 7 Reasons Why Your E-commerce Business Needs A Mobile App

In the highly competitive eCommerce industry, it is not easy to deal with the ever-changing customer expectations and needs.As per a survey, most of the startups and small eCommerce stores were not able to survive even months and were made to permanently shut down their operations. To eliminate this risk, you must change the way you communicate with your customers and here a customer-oriented eCommerce mobile app plays an essential role.

This is an era of mobile technology. A very large percentage of online shoppers prefer using mobiles to shop online. To remain to capture the market, businesses should shift their focus going for eCommerce mobile apps rather than the desktop web app.eCommerce mobile app is one of the top trends for 2022 and the years to come.

In the fast-growing business world, e-commerce mobile app development benefits both retailers and consumers. A feature-rich mobile app not only offers you an opportunity to push & expand your stagnant business but also gives wings to your offline business without spending much.

Because of the vast benefits of the eCommerce mobile app, the Market, today, is seeing a surge in e-commerce mobile app development. With the advancement of technology, eCommerce business owners can decide among the fruitful technologies and make their retail app simpler, faster, safer, and customer as well as growth-oriented. Making your eCommerce app an essential part of your marketing strategy would increase your conversions.Recent research shows that users are more loyal to the product they are talking about through a mobile app than to a website from a mobile device.

In this blog, we have listed some important reasons why your eCommerce business needs a mobile app to continue growing further.

E-Commerce Mobile App- Have A Look Upon the Market Stats

Here are some reports showing the current and prospects of e-commerce mobile app development.

-The App Annie report of 2015 showed that the eCommerce mobile app industry generated $ 41.1 billion in revenue annually and that this figure would rise to $ 50.9 billion.

-As per the report by Statista- the total annual revenue of the eCommerce mobile app industry will be increased to $ 400 billion by 2024.

-Custom apps, such as launchers, thumbnails, wallpapers, screen locks, and other device customization apps, surpassed the list, with a staggering 332% increase in session usage. The mobile phone types of newspapers and magazines have reached second place, growing by 135%.

From the above stats, it is clear that the mobile app market will continue to increase revenue in the coming future and so as the trend of e-commerce mobile app development.

Top Reasons Why You Need a Mobile App for your E-commerce Business

90% of customers prefer mobile apps to websites

Easy availability makes people prefer mobile apps over websites. Ecommerce mobile apps are straightforward to use when shopping without letting you visit an online store. What else? You don’t need to remember the URL and login credentials to access the store. Mobile apps also offer better security and speed than mobile browsers.

24/7 Customer Accessibility

Consumers, today, are more attached to their Smartphones than anything else. Thus, businesses’ mobile apps should leverage this opportunity so as to maintain effective 24/7 communication with their users. Adding customer-focused functions & features will aid your overall business growth. Make use of smarter AI & chatbot functions for effective customer support.

A Mobile App Eventually Decrease the response time

It is the biggest advantage for any mobile app over websites. Mobile apps retrieve data very quickly than websites. The time required for a mobile application to complete an action is much shorter than for a website. This eliminates the risk of your customer getting frustrated over longer website loading time.

Mobile Apps Helps in Collecting Customer Data

A business mobile app helps collect and analyze user data more easily so that you can understand user preferences and purchase practices and make changes to your business accordingly. Also, you can notify the users of the latest arrivals, discounts, offers, etc. based on their unique interests. This helps you increase conversions by up to 7-12% from the same traffic.

Mobile Apps Enhance purchase using built-in features

Integrating your eCommerce mobile apps with built-in features of the device such as GPS, Calendar, Microphone, Camera, etc would further ensure better performance. These features help provide the most advanced communication and enjoyable experience while using your app. One can use a calendar to set a sales date directly on a user’s smartphone or use access to the appropriate measurement camera.

Maximizing Your Business Reach through Social Media

Your eCommerce mobile app lets you link all of your business’s communication resources so that your customer can contact you without a hindrance. Social sharing works much better for your business than a store assistant.

Mobile Apps Offers Most Easy & Safer Payments

Ecommerce mobile apps offer easy payment through built-in secure payment options like credit/debit cards, UPI, smart wallets, etc. No doubt, it is much easier for a user to keep all the account details in the app than for them to fill out the form over and over again on the website. Also, payment-related information is kept highly encrypted and offers the right level of information security. Further, mobile apps allow Touch ID Technology to eliminate the risk of your credit/debit card unauthorized use.

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